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Looking for some feedback

Hey fellow Fstoppers, this is the first photo I've ever shared here and am hoping to get some feedback about it. I have had this shot on my photography bucket list for quite some time-- I visited my parents up in the Seattle area this past week and decided it was time to attempt the shot! I got off the plane and headed straight for the Dr Jose...

Marina Bay Sands Blue Hour Shot

Hi everyone, I am new both to Fstoppers and Photography. I recently took this shot in my home country of Singapore. It consists of Marina Bay Sands Hotel as the background and some car trails in the foregorund leading the viewer to the subject. I intend to make this my portfolio shot.

Would appreciate some feedback and comments. Thanks...

Your Thoughts please. :)

Portrait with my non model friend(she is a good poser i say), on a productive sunday, shot in a coffee shop nearby.
She has done her styling and foundation make up. Light was primarily reflected light from outdoor sunlight.
Shot with Canon 5d mark iii + 135mm F2 lens.
All thoughts welcome.

Corporate Headshot CC

Here's the second corporate headshot I've ever shot. My close friend needed a corporate headshot for Linkedin and for company's website. This is the shot he chose. Shot in my home studio. One 90cm octa working as a main light in the subject left. One flash with a honeycomb working as a hair light. Two silver reflectors: 1. Horizontally in a...

Supermoon Las Vegas 2016

Ok here's my capture of the recent Supermoon 11/14/16 here in Las Vegas. Went way west to the top of Red Rock Casino so I can be up high for a clear view of the valley. The moon didn't come up where I expected it too, but at least I was able to center it above the Queensridge Towers. This is the closets Supermoon until 2034. Enjoy! :) C & C...

First shot at LR HDR! Opinions?

Hey all! After watching a lot of videos from the Elia Locardi BTS I have been really inspired to kick my landscape photography into a higher gear. These are some cityscapes I did tonight and later merged them in Lightroom. I would love some constructive criticism or opinions on how you guys think they look. I know HDR is somewhat disliked...

Brightest Black / Critique

"Sometimes Black can be so Bright, as Bright as you go Blind"
- Farbod
This is my recent work which I guess you night have seen many similar photos and ideas like this
But the thing is each person either a photographer or a painter would capture/showcase a moment differently (specially when it comes...