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Second Camera Body Advice

I shoot weddings and portraits and from past couple of years have been going well. At the moment I have D700 & D800. I am looking to retire my D700. I was wondering should I go for D5 (do have a budget for this) or D810 or D750 and save money to get some lighting gear like Phottix Indra500 and not sure which one and best in all...

Recent wedding shot

Hi guys!

Last saturday I had a wedding, 37 Celsius and midday Sun. The couple hired a 1969 Ford Mustang
for the wedding, and we had to remove the passenger seat to fit the bride in the car :)
Here is an image from the shooting:

Fairytale Fashion

Hi everyone! I am a photographer from Germany and have a big passion for fairy tales, and I love combining fairy tale elements with fashion shoots. I hope you like these!

Photography, make-up and styling by me, model is the beauty Tuyet My.

Check out my other pages for more of my work:
My website: https://www....


Model, Stylist and Hat Maker: Kirby Coleman
Photog/Retoucher: Dan Lubbers (

Two White Lightnings X1600's. One in a 61" PLM and the other in a Beauty Dish overhead.

Vintage cinema

An old cinema that is still open to the public in the Lake District, UK.

Hi, I'm an amateur photographer and new to fstoppers. Would appreciate any tips/comments!


Crits welcomed

Just joined and this is my first post, i'd love to hear your opinions on what works and what doesn't. Is the lighting too flat? Poor composition? Too much post-processing? etc.

Model: Camile Velasco
Lens: Canon L 50mm

Thanks everyone!

E-mail :

Food Etiquette

I have a question about a shoot I'm doing for a local lifestyle magazine. The magazine contacted me to shoot some food shots for an article. They picked the restaurant to provide to food and location and I get to shoot there. My question is does the restaurant get to use my photos for their own use and advertising or does the magazine hold on...

San Diego Padres

I've had the privilege of being a San Diego Padres season ticket holder for a few seasons. I finally decided to take my camera and get shots of some of the players when I'm able. I'm still learning and growing. All feedback is appreciated. Thank you.