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Neck or hand strap???

So I shoot weddings. I'm holding my camera 6-12 hours straight. I currently use the default strap that came with my DSLR but it is uncomfortable and the straps are constantly slide putting my camera at risk (if they get to the end, the strap releases and my camera falls).

All this being said, I'm debating whether to get a hand strap or...

Kids Summer Campaign

Over the weekend I shot a kids summer campaign. Here is a small preview.

Lighting details:

1 5 foot silver reflective umbrella camera left and slightly above me, some 10 feet from the models.
2 white v-flats on either side of the models for fill.

Using GOBO's In Fashion

Have any of you played around with using any GOBO's in your fashion work? Here an image I created last year where I used a potted palm tree as a GOBO. I shot a bare strobe through the plant, and filled in the shadows with a vflat from the opposing side.

I'd love to see some of your examples! :)

The Wedding with a Tornado...


I have just entered the wedding photography business, and what a way to start! My very first wedding had a tornado, followed by a power failure for the entire night, damaged cars from fallen trees, down power lines, and thankfully a very flexible couple!

Since the power was out the entire night, I was super thankful I...

Being Part of a Larger Campaign

Having connected with many brands small and large on various projects and shoots I find the campaign work the most engaging. If your goal is to get a larger reach, which many of us want, then using larger brands might be the way to do that. Having made a few connections with larger companies such as General Electric, Daniel Wellington Watches...

What a good wedding assistant looks like

Being a good wedding assistant isn't easy. You need to be sociable with the client and guests, accommodating to the main photographer, a good team player, eager to learn and help out, and if you are a second shooter you also need to be a pretty proficient photographer as well.

Being a good solid photographer means you aren't fumbling...