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Slide Flare

This project, called Slide Flare is intended to be a light exercise.
On stage, the light is a very important part that helps the show, and has, in my opinion, the stage light should always be a secondary element in relation to music, I decided to make this personal project and transform the light in the main element.

Often the...


Been wanting to capture this image for a few months now and was finally able to get it not too long ago while the fog was at its best. Wasn't sure if I wanted it to be a black and white or color image, so I just went for a more moody, dulled-down color.

Would love to hear what you guys think!

Autumn Landscape

My first post!

I've been picturing and wanting to capture this image for a few months now and I finally got the chance, the leaves were the perfect color to add just a little pop! This was a shot from my very first landscape project, thoughts and comments are much appreciated.

Looking for Feedback

Hi everybody! I'm new here!

I've been shooting for my wife's fashion blog for the last couple of years and checking up on fstoppers and other sites to try and learn more about photography.

I created an account because I was hoping somebody with more experience and a better eye could take a look at some of my photos and offer some...

Flower Toss Bridal Fashion

If you were ever wondering how many time you can toss loose flowers in the air for a shot before they fall apart and die, I would suggest the answer is 4. We wanted to do something different after we had shot the model holding the flowers in a more conventional way. We tossed and 'reloaded' flower 4 times, but after that 4th toss the flowers...

First post & Introduction

Hey, I'm Thomas. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil but now I'm living in France. I study management and I got into photography this year.

Now it is my passion to take photos of landscapes and street photos, and just anything really. Now I'm a little bit confused about my future, I want to do something that I will enjoy for the rest of my life...

tips on retouching

I have an issue with the light on the face of my subject, I've try to flatten the light with photoshop CS6 by using dodge and burn, frequency separation but anyhow I just dont satisfied with the result
any tips on how to fix my problem? or any link of video lesson would be so much help