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Ferrari 488GTB

Hey Guys

Just thought I'd get to sharing some images...

I'm really not a photoshop/compositing person, so these images have none of that - except some small dirt spec cleanups on the paint. Pretty much straight out of camera, lit using a broncolor Move Pack, in a washbay.

The CMA Mustang

The CMA Mustang getting some performance upgrades, shot for Car Mods Australia and Ausgarage ( &

This year Australia is getting the first factory delivered, right hand drive Mustang's (previously any Mustangs here were imported and another company would...


Danica balanced on chairs in roller skates and then I did some stuff. Because she wasn't moving, I had to move her chain for her and replace the bottom of her skates that were buried in chair cushions. Sometimes when we are shooting multiple characters, to save time I will just color fingernails or eyes. (contacts can look fake sometimes.) I...

Coffe break with Sasha

During our walks in the streets of NYC, we stopped for a little break. Sasha was then drinking her coffee to go when I noticed the handrail and pre composed the picture in my head. While she was still slurping on her coffee, I got in the right position, composed and got a nice shot. A little quiet moment in the city that never sleeps...

New member @alexander_roan

Hey everyone, I've followed fstoppers for a while, but just signed up today.

I am in the 1st year of setting up my photography business. I've mostly been doing shoots for small businesses so far.

I would quite like to connect with some of the community on instagram, so please say hi if you would like to connect. Also love to get...

Portrait of Nadya

So after a weekend of great shots, this is one of them, and i wanted to know what you guys think??
It is inspired by Sean Archer, as I was hosting a masterclass with him teaching for two days, in Denmark.

Feedback are always appreciated

Court of the Dead: Kier

A shot from a costume photo shoot I did on location in Joshua Tree. The character is from the Sideshow series Court of the Dead. The character is a fallen valkyrie named Kier who was taken in by death when cast out of the heavens.

Two light setup inside a crevasse. Photo manipulate in photoshop to add smoke on ground and flame around the...

Commercial aerial photography

Does anyone here sell their aerial images commercially? I have recently added a drone to my camera bag, so to speak, and I'd like to sell my images. However, FAA regulations state that you need a pilot's license to sell commercially, even if you are using your drone in a manner consistent with the guidelines and safety restrictions placed on...