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I had the opportunity to visit Savannah this past weekend and was blown away by its beauty! While it is lacking in skyscrapers that you typically see in cityscapes, its location on the water coupled with the beautiful older buildings still made for a fun shoot.

I used the Gigapan for this image to achieve a final shot of ~260 megapixels. I built a beast of a computer last year to speed up my workflow process but Photoshop and the plugins I use had a rough time keeping up with the size of this image. It is no wonder that many of the large panoramic images you seen online are processed very little, with most of the processing being done before stitching. Many of the techniques I use, however, do not allow for this so most of my editing must be done after the fact. It certainly tests my patience but the results are well worth it and allow for massive prints without any loss in resolution.

Is anyone else on here using a Gigapan? It makes it tough to visualize the final image and thus really makes you trust your vision.

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Wonderful landscape, the clouds have just the right amount of movement