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Bird Trails

I had the idea of capturing the silhouette of birds in flight near the Morris Island Lighthouse in Charleston. Unfortunately the buffer in my camera filled up pretty quickly when when shooting continuous so I was unable to get the entire path across the frame before the shoot speed would drop significantly. I think I may try again in the near future and shoot Jpeg on my camera to allow for a greater buffer.

Anyway, instead I took birds from multiple frames. I frequently use the Lighten blend mode in PS to create star trails and this was not much different except that the darken mode was used. I then blended in the birds from the various frames I took of this scene to create this final image.

I enjoy shooting common scenes in uncommon ways. Before checking out a new location in person I will google the crap out the place to see all the images taken there. I then try to brainstorm ahead of time to figure out what I can do to ensure my shot is different. It really gets the creative juices flowing and helps you to think outside the box and to try new ideas.

82.5mm · f/5.0 · 1/250s · ISO 500
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