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Lake Jocassee

I was a bit skeptical going to this place because while the pictures I have seen looked interesting, they made the lake look somewhat distant. Alas, my picture was no different as I chose a very wide FOV via a several frame panorama. However, the sheer size of this lake is unbelievable. As you come over the top of the hill it dominates your view. While it looks distant here, it almost appears to swallow you when you see it in person. A bonus is that it is somewhat isolated so there is a good chance you may have the place to yourself.

Location: Jumping off Overlook at Lake Jocassee, SC

18mm · f/4.0 · 1/10s · ISO 80
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Congrats on the selection. Gorgeous colors man! Oh and yay for pentax ;)

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I am glad to see another Pentax user! Not too many of us these days it seems.

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Yet.. anxiously awaiting details on their full frame!

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I still have my K1000. :-)

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Familiar with this place. I live about an hour away.
Beautiful shot!

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Its an awesome spot! I just moved to Charleston and Jocaasee is an amazing weekend trip.

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This looks very natural to see .