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Dragon's Back

Everyone has their own reasons for their love of photography and most are multi-faceted. I am no exception but my number one is for the memory. I love looking back on a picture and remembering the story that went along with it. I am an adventurer first, and photographer second. You live once so I have ever intent of seeing as much of this world as I can and keeping my photos for the memory.

This shot was taken on my last weekend living in Colorado before I moved to Charleston so it was more of a going away party with the couple friends who joined me. Accessing this location is a bit difficult in that you must drive down a technical road for some ways and then complete a 4 mile hike, although there is no trail to follow so you must choose your own route. We hiked through a thunderstorm on the hike in and got drenched setting up our tents (which can be seen in the valley below in this picture). It was a bit miserable and the morning was no different as it was much colder than we had anticipated. However, these are things that leave this place with such a vivid memory. This rugged peak and the beautiful sunrise will forever be in my memory.

18mm · f/5.6 · 1/25s · ISO 80
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