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Mesa Arch

There is no doubt that this is an awesome place to watch the sunrise, whether you intend on photographing it or not. If you do however, get there early. Crazy early. I got there at 3:30 and was still not the first one there. About 30 minutes before sunrise there were probably 30 photographers standing around waiting for an opening.

It is a very short hike so I would recommend seeing it in daylight first so you can figure out where the sun will rise and what you will be seeing because there is a good chance you will have to have your spot staked out before sunrise and won't be able to move around too well with the crowds.

14mm · f/6.7 · 1/30s · ISO 80
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Outstanding capture.

I went in mid March 2015. Got there about the same time that you did. It was busy but not crazy busy. Nice image, great to see another Pentaxian in the community.