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Angel Oak

I finally got around to taking a shot at the Angel Oak here in Charleston, SC. I lucked out with a slightly overcast day, little wind, and minimal crowd. AKA a perfect scenario for the Gigapan. There was really no reason for it as this could have easily been captured in a single frame, but it just makes things more interesting. The final shot was 8 x 6 panorama resulting in ~200 MP.

Tripods are not allowed within 200 feet of the tree so this was taken at 70 mm. There are also a plethora of signs around the base of the tree denoting the rules (no climbing, no tripods, etc etc). I did my best to clean them up in post but if you look closely you can probably find a few spots where I ran into some trouble.

You can check out the full res shot here: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/e3c1f300b500b66c021a5153040863ac

70mm · f/5.6 · 1/20s · ISO 80
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Philip Slotte's picture

This is so nice, beautiful work Taylor!

Taylor Franta's picture

Thank you Philip!

Tim McBroome's picture

Wonderful rendition of an ancient oak!

Martyn William's picture

Absolutely gorgeous !

Taylor Franta's picture

Thank you Martyn!

Chris Mantle's picture

Love the deep, rich colors.

Why don't they allow tripods anywhere around it?

Taylor Franta's picture

Thanks! I can only imagine they have had issues in the past because when used right they shouldn't cause any more harm than walking by the tree.

Anonymous's picture

Maybe they don't want to encourage photographers taking up space around the tree, ruining the view for others. Of course, the plethora of signs don't hurt anything! :-/

Alex Saharov's picture

Mesmerizing picture! It reminds me neuron.

Mike Patrick's picture

Very nice capture. I think the issue with tripods has been stated as some tripods have spikes on the feet, and someone who obviously understands nothing about photography thought that might hurt the tree. Ridiculous. However you managed to pull off a great capture without one. Nice work!

Anonymous's picture

I thought he inferred he did use a tripod but beyond the prohibited distance. I can't imagine how you would use a Gigapan without one.

Sascha Pihan's picture

What a great picture and what a beautiful tree. Thanks for sharing!

J P's picture

Beautiful work, so surreal