UPDATED: Retoucher Kristina Sherk Does Mind-Blowing Work

UPDATED: Retoucher Kristina Sherk Does Mind-Blowing Work

Photoshelter is hosting a webinar featuring retoucher Kristina Sherk this week, and to advertise the webinar they posted an animated gif showing before and after Sherk got her hands on the image. I was shocked, as Sherk not only easily erased 10 years off the model, but even more amazingly did it without making it look fake.


Unfortunately, the webinar closed because it filled, but Photoshelter will be posting a recording of that webinar on their blog later in the week. Amazing right?

UPDATE: It has come to Fstoppers's attention that in our original article showing the outstanding retouching work of Kristina Sherk and her upcoming webinar, we neglected to put the image (and the retouching applied to it) in the proper context. Having only what was written on the PhotoShelter Blog, we lacked the back story that properly contextualizes this image. In an effort to quickly publicize the webinar being hosted by PhotoShelter and SharkPixel.com, we failed to check into the full story behind the retouching. Thus, giving our readers a fragmented frame in which to view Kristina's work through.

Sherk’s original purpose behind retouching this image was strictly for educational purposes and is to be included in her upcoming instructional retouching DVD. Her intent with the image was to show the possibilities of post production, but with the stipulation that though it can be done, retouchers should take the skills learned in creating such a piece and utilize those skills in the degree they see fit for their client's needs.

[Via Photoshelter]

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Terrible? Lets see you do better! It's nice and safe to sit at your laptops drinking your morning coffee thinking that your keyboard gives you carte blanche to say whatever you want. The simple fact is F Stoppers thought enough of Kristi's work to feature it! I realize that for such childish behavior as some of these comments suggest, that this is a bitter pill to swallow. So. with that said, POST UP! Lets see some brilliance coming from you people who clearly have nothing better to do on a Friday morning! Link away! Or think before you say something mean on the internet that you may end up getting called out on.

Cheers Chad, I feel the same way.

Brian Supple's picture

Yes, chad, I completely agree!

Clark James's picture


admittedly we work in completely different industries, but even so I wouldn't describe the work as 'mind blowing', it's the standard of any professional retoucher

Selena Jain's picture

Not bad Clark rather impressive one!

I've slowly watched Fstoppers evolve their content to include a lot of amazing posts and at the same time watched the Fstoppers community devolve into a negative group of 'thats terrible, I could do so much better' haters (I hate that word but it seems to fit well here).

For anyone saying Kristina's work is terrible, put up or shut up. I'd like to request that you each put up a link to a before and after retouch you have personally done for everyones review. Better yet, screenclip the 'before' photo in teh .gift above and show us you can do better. I bet that either you DON'T actually have this skill set, or are too afraid of the public ridicule so common on F-Stoppers to put yourself out there. I'm betting no one who bitched is up for the challenge. I think Kristina did an excellent job here and I can guarantee that 99% of the public seeing this while flipping through a magazine wouldn't think twice about this being a great image - which is the entire point.

I realize everyone is entitled to an opinion and you're more than welcome to bitch and moan about others work but I'm seeing a real trend from the F-Stoppers crowd of people hiding behind their keyboard only insulting others work rather than contributing their own or offering any real critique.

Que the backlash....

Douglas Sonders's picture

Youre right Mike. Thanks for saying so. As a writer for the site, its pretty painful to see how folks react like they are all the next Annie Leibovitzs

Jeremy Sale's picture

I agree that the work is stunning and peerless. Kristina is clearly a genius retoucher. Keep in mind, though, many of the comments are calling the aesthetics—not the skills—into question. This is where subjectivity really takes a life of its own. Ultimately, though... yes. If you are criticizing the work, tell us your explicit reasoning. Better yet... show us your work.

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Agreed. Stunning work. Thanks for writing that out so i didnt have to myself.

Amen! All the negative stuff is why I got out of the FB group. It wasn't enjoyable any more. You had to weed through all the junk in order to appreciate the group and it got tiring. Don't get me wrong, I still love Fstopers!! I'll just continue to watch things from the outside.

I also agree with ya Mike. It seems to bring joy to peoples lives to try to bring others down. Often times there's an underlying hint of envy, either you wish you could do better, think you could do better or just straight up too cocky. If someone is shining, just let them enjoy it, no one need your cloud moving in to cast shadows.

No backlash here. You're bang on.

Thumbs up. Pity how much bashing ze lords of ze internets do everyday - especially from the photography world's overnight experts. lol they don't even know how to stop from growing into art directors now.

Jacqueline Nicole-Visser Jimen's picture

I love it!! Great job Kristina! Don't listen to these "haters." With digital photography we are able to create art. Transform an image into whatever and wherever our imagination takes us! As for me personally i see things in others that normally a non-photographer wouldn't see, I try to bring out that real beauty. It is still her in every sense…just without the stresses of life :) Again keep up the good work! and for all those negative ppl out there! you think that the painters back in the day actually painted the flaws?…nope! Expand you abilities in retouching, learn all you can, and stop hating on someone else's art for goodness sake!

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Impressive job on the retouch. A little bit too much airbrushed like
some may say ( and personally ), but if that's what the client wanted,
then good for him!

Amy Hoek Kubik's picture

Kudos to you Kristina for your grace under fire.

And people wonder why girls and young women have image and esteem problems...

Nothing to see yet but holding out for the website to be done:


José Tomás Tocino's picture

Hey, Jose Martinez, stop posting the url of the portfolios of those who comment. What's the point? We don't need to be better than the post's author to be able to give some critique. And for what it's worth, here, let me save you some work: http://josetomastocino.com


Thank you for saving me time. To those above:


Hey Jose Tocino - I'd hardly call some of these comments 'critique', some are just insults, especially Martins
"And people wonder why girls and young women have image and esteem problems..." That's called "taking the piss" or "being an asshole"

Go beat your drum some where else - Asshole.

José Tomás Tocino's picture

Are you and Jose Martinez the fucking boyfriends of the retoucher or what?

Thanks for the link, but I'm not sure what a architectural photography student's website has to do with a generally accepted medical issue created by the unrealistic enhancements created by this industry. (BTW it should be done by the end of the semester - check back mid-May)


Oh wait, that's right, you were just childishly lashing out. My bad.

(BTW the website should be done by the end of the semester - check back mid-May. Although I'm sure it won't be up to your discriminating standards.)

Have not said anything negative about anyone's work. I was just allowing people to compare your work to other's. My comment about your website was simply that the website was not done yet.

José, maybe we should see YOUR work if you're going to post around everybody's, don't you think??

Jose, thank you for the links to the commentators/critics portfolios as it does provide perpective and weight (or lack of) to their criticism.

Women and girls have steem problems based on way more things than an image like this. you are reaching..... greatly.

Yes... the American Medical Association... they don't know anything.

And if you're going to comment, have the backbone to step out of the shadows with a name and a face.

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