Aliens, Special FX, And Storytelling Combined In Red Giant's Latest Project

The team at Red Giant Films, working with special effects guru Stu Maschwitz, have yet again released another compelling short video. Unlike other shorts such as Spy vs. Guy and Plot Device, this is actually a pitch trailer for a film based on a video game that they hope to create. Check the full post for the behind the scenes video too!

You might know Stu as the creator of the ever popular Magic Bullet Looks filters, among other pieces of software. For more information on what he's up to, check out his blog Prolost.

Below is the behind the scenes video for "Run Like Hell" hosted by Aharon Rabinowitz. It shows how they were able to use a GoPro 3 to shoot this, and actually make it come off as if it were a single take. There is way more that went into this than you might have thought, very informative!

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