Gear for Photographers and Videographers at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

At this year’s Outdoor Retailer trade show in Denver, Colorado, the biggest names in the outdoor industry came together for one event to show off their latest and greatest to the world. While most of the products at the show were geared more toward outdoor equipment and snow gear, there were brands unveiling products that most photographers and videographers who work in the outdoors will be extremely excited about.

How to Shoot Night Photography

If you haven't tried out night photography before, you sure are missing out on some fun and creative opportunities. One thing for sure, it's quite different than shooting during the day, so I understand why some of you may be hesitant to venture out at night with your camera.

Official Davos Photographer Shares a Day Shooting the Event

I recently had the chance to speak to Greg Beadle, one of the official photographers for the World Economic Forum Event in Davos. From the start he made it clear that as an official photographer for the World Economic Forum, it is his job to “promote the annual meeting through photographs that best emulate the positive experiences and results here in Davos.” He said the energy is tangible and throughout the week, world leaders, celebrities, and wealthy elite will come together to discuss and try solve the current issues of the world today. This is what a day as a photographer at Davos is like.

Adventure Photographer Passionate About Career

Almost every adventure and landscape photographer wants to travel the world. Capturing new landscapes and experiences in new, epic locations is a trait ingrained in outdoor photographers. But how does one balance the need for personal exploration, the need to quench a creative thirst, and the opportunity to be there for one's family?

Adventure Filmmaking: The Worst Job That You've Always Wanted

I've wanted to be a content creator for documentaries, a la National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, since I was little. But then again, who hasn’t? I taught myself photography throughout college while studying biology and anthropology in hopes of, someday, finding myself in the situation to put all of that together as some sort of adventure photographer. I’ve been lucky enough to do a little of that type of work already, but nothing compared to these guys. In this series from The Crew, you can go behind the scenes with a crew that travels to some of the riskiest and most beautiful parts of the world just to create beautiful footage for you to enjoy.

Get A Grip: A Product Photographer's Guide To Using A-Clamps

When it comes to studio product photography, we use a lot of tools in the studio. Sure, there’s the obvious: cameras, lenses, and lights. But today I want to talk about one of those little indispensable tools that can really make all the difference on set. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years of working in a studio environment, it’s that you can never have enough clamps! There’s always something that you need to hold in place, or simply rig.

Creating a Photoshoot on a Budget

Juhamatti Vahdersalo gives us another glimpse in to how he creates scenes in one of his latest projects “Too Much is Never Enough.” With studios potentially spending thousands of dollars to bring sets alive, Vahdersalo walks us through how this setup cost a mere $75. If you don’t remember, we featured his creations in November when he showed everyone what cardboard and a little imagination can do.

DIY Photography Backdrop Resources, and Why You Should Make Your Own

If you're a creator of any kind, chances are you've experienced being in a creative rut at some point in your journey to make cool stuff. As a photographer and cinematographer, nothing could be more true for me. Photographers by nature, I feel, have a "do it yourself" attitude. In talking with Photographer Nikki Smith, a DIY backdrop project could be just what you need to reignite that missing spark and add an additional element of creativity to your work.