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Easy Sky Replacement in Photoshop and Luminar: Which Is Easier?

One of the nice options in Luminar is Sky Replacement. It is a very effective way of replacing a boring sky for a more interesting one. I have been using it for my real estate photography. But how much easier is it compared to Photoshop?

6 Important Lightroom Features Most Photographers Forget About

When editing in Lightroom Classic, it's normal to edit as quickly as possible in order to share your finished photograph online, but by doing that you run the risk of missing out on some hugely powerful settings that can save yourself a lot of time and headaches further down the line.

The Photoshop Action I Wish I Knew When I Started

My most used Photoshop action is actually pretty simple and by following along, you can record it yourself in just about 30 seconds. If you’re new to Photoshop’s actions, it serves as a great introduction to their functionality, and I think it has a place in every photographer’s set of tools. Want to know what it is?

8 Steps to Better Milky Way Editing in Lightroom

Editing pictures of the Milky Way is difficult to get right. Which white balance do you use? How bright should the scene be? How do you remove excessive noise without stars disappearing? Well, follow these eight steps for image editing success on the galactic scale with Lightroom Classic.

Skylum Wants to Completely Reimagine Editing with Luminar AI

Luminar software from Skylum has had a tremendous impact with many photo editors, bringing a lot of Photoshop and Lightroom-esque features along with some one-of-a-kind capabilities like one-click sky replacement and AI-based features for landscape and portrait photographers.

How to Customize the Photoshop Toolbar so That It's Perfect for You

If you’re a Photoshop user, you’ve probably noticed that there are a ton of tools in the toolbar that you never use and others that you have to hunt for. This short video explains how to customize that toolbar to trim out unnecessary icons, make space for new ones, and make your workflow much more efficient.

What Can We Expect After Canon's Data Breach?

The most depressing year in recent history has set its sights on Canon. As with most 2020-related problems, it's never just one thing. The biggest problem that Canon is facing is the potential loss in trust.

Capture One Releases Film-Like 'Beyond Styles' Style Pack

No matter how good digital cameras get, there's always a group that loves the style and familiarity of how film photography looks. Now, Capture One launches their latest style pack to emulate those old rolls of film.

'Moments in Time' Photo Editing Breakdown

In the latest episode of "Moments in Time" in the Philippines, I traveled to Legazpi along with Win Magsino to capture images of Mt. Mayon, a very beautiful and iconic volcano on the island of Luzon. In this post, I will take a more in-depth look at the post-processing that went into creating the final image.

A List of Free or One-Time Payment Alternatives to Adobe Subscription Programs

A few years ago, Adobe moved to a subscription model for their Creative Suite, a decision that was fraught with controversy, particularly since many creatives felt it was a money grab. If you prefer to work with software that is either free or that only requires a one-time payment, here are some great alternatives.

Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Major Step for Photographers?

Eye autofocus, insanely fast burst rates, 8K raw video, and more. There is no doubt that camera features are getting better and better at a crazy pace. But the thing I am most excited for is not on a camera, it is in post-processing: artificial intelligence.

Dramatically Speed up Lightroom Performance

If your copy of Lightroom Classic has been painfully slow, or you're having trouble with images and adjustments loading in the Develop module it could be down to a few crucial settings. Tweak these and you could dramatically improve the speed of Lightroom, and your workflow.

How to Remove Color Fringing in Lightroom

If you've ever shot on a budget lens, or composed a dark subject against a bright sky, you will have surely noticed color fringing — a glowing colored edge around any contrasted subject. Learn how to remove even the most difficult chromatic aberration in Lightroom Classic using some manual adjustments.

Do the New Photoshop and Lightroom Updates Affect You?

New features added to Photoshop and Lightroom today might change how you edit your photos, but it entirely depends on what kind of images you make and what your current workflow is like. This is my review of the new features and whether you'll want to dive in or avoid them.

Is It Time We Dropped Master/Slave Terminology?

In recent weeks, racial inequality has been brought to the forefront of awareness for many around the world. In light of the cultural shift that has the world talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, is it time for the photography community to change some terminology?

This New Lightroom Feature Update Can Improve Every Photo

Lightroom received a group of new features as part of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud batch of updates, but one in particular stands out as a huge shift to how you work with the software. Want to know how to make it work for you?

Adobe Updates Almost All Their Creative Cloud Apps

The rollout begins today, so you'll see the updates soon if you haven't already. Adobe is calling this a major set of updates, and I'll highlight the ones that apply to photographers.

Why Choosing the Wrong Color Space Can Be a Disaster

As you get more comfortable with editing, you’ll probably come across color spaces. Just picking a random color space to edit or export with can cause major issues with your photos, however. Want to know which color space to use and when?

Let Lightroom Organize Your Photos in Less Than 30 Seconds

Most Lightroom users aren't taking advantage of this simple feature that literally organizes your photos for you, and it only takes around 30 seconds to set up in Lightroom Classic. Save time, and keep your library organized by following this tutorial.

Three Mistakes That Photographers Should Avoid

The wonderful thing about creativity is that there are no real right or wrong answers. There are plenty of artists that regularly break the rules in order to produce something compelling or beautiful. Nonetheless, there are still certain practices that can be widely disliked and preferably avoided.

New Preset Pack Released by SLR Lounge and DVLOP

A new pack of presets, called Crush, has just been released by SLR Lounge and DVLOP. With a "bold and vivid" aesthetic, this pack combines DVLOP's technical background in preset development with SLR Lounge's professional style. Want to see what's included?

Can You Save a Photo Through Lightroom Editing Alone?

While it's important to get things right at the source, if you've made that age-old mistake of not changing your camera settings before taking the shot, is it possible to recover the photo? Or is it destined for the recycling bin?

Lightroom Versus Luminar 4: Which Is Right for Your Needs?

Luminar 4 has brought with it some advanced AI features that can save a lot of time in edits and enable new creative avenues. How does it hold up against Lightroom when it comes to editing? This great video shows a photographer processing the same image in both apps and what you can expect from each.

Can Affinity Photo Replace Photoshop?

In the past few years, serious alternatives to Photoshop have started to crop up, with Affinity Photo being one of the most comprehensive options. If you are looking for a subscription-free alternative to Photoshop, check out this great look at using Affinity Photo to edit a beauty image.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gains Curves and Apple Pencil Pressure Support

Adobe surprised everyone with a Photoshop for iPad announcement when they said it was "full Photoshop." Creatives were elated, but then later disappointed when that apparently meant the algorithms were the same as on desktop (good news), but the features were not (not so good). Major features such as Curves were not even available at launch, but today, at least some of that has changed.

Is This the Best Denoising Software Available?

Noise is one of the most common issues photographers have to deal with, and there are lots of different ways to deal with it in post-processing. This excellent video review takes a look at one of the most advanced pieces of specialized software for the task and how well it can take care of noise in your images.

Is the Surface Book 3 a Macbook Pro Killer?

The newly announced Microsoft Surface Book 3 is reportedly their most powerful laptop ever. So could it be good enough to destroy the competition? Namely, the new Apple Macbook Pro 2020. Photographers and creatives alike love Apple products for editing workflows, but could this be the beginning of the end for Apple's domination of the creative market?

3 Fixes for My Weirdest Lightroom Issues

Lightroom is a great piece of software, when it works. In my case, it's an essential piece of my workflow for photography. Unfortunately, it's got some major quirks. Some can be particularly frustrating to solve — here's 3 weird tricks that helped when I ran into an issue.

A Quick Landscape Photography Tutorial From Alaska

We are currently locked down in Puerto Rico, and it's literally illegal for us to go outside to take photos, but we found an old lesson we filmed in Alaska that was never released.

How Good Is Luminar 4 When It Comes to Retouching Skin?

For boudoir photographers, getting skin to look perfect is incredibly important and there are various software options that offer automation and simplicity instead of spending endless hours in Photoshop. In this video, check out how Luminar 4 performs. (Models in the video are wearing lingerie — possibly NSFW!)

Why Doesn't Every Professional Camera Have This Feature?

Shooting while tethered is probably the best way for many photographers. It's obviously not ideal for certain kinds of photography, like events and weddings; however, for those that shoot on a tripod, being tethered to a larger screen can make all the difference.