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2.75 - "Solid" 

I wanted to take photos of some kind of telling a story. So we found an old train and I get to borrow a old lamp. I wanted to get that old time feeling, dark and Little bit cinematic style.

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Pretty good. But it looks like she’s holding a lantern up to a sunny window. Is that the case?

Thanks! No its not sun light from the window. In this old train wagon,it was no windows left, they was all covered, so it was totally dark. I added off camera flash, so I wanted to shows some kind of feeling of scenery... This shot is one of the first photo when i started my photography and i still like it. 🙂

Its super fun and compelling but there some distracting light leaks, and I feel more use of dynamic lighting would have created more impact if keep this size composition scale to the subject :)