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2.31 - "Needs Work" 

Canadian Gothic. Shot at an old farmhouse using available light and a couple of friends.

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I would like to see his eyes open, it feels like a blink.

Thanks! It wasn't a blink but deliberate. He was supposed to look oppressed but that's what you get for using non pro models LOL.

If only he wasn’t closing his eyes.

Can I ask why you feel eyes must be opened?

If she's looking at the camera you're acknowledging it's presence. So is it a portrait? They're standing there like it's a portrait. His glasses are pulled down awkwardly almost highlighting that he's not looking at the camera. He's not making a desperate expression - infact he's not making any expression. Similar to her. But she's looking at the camera. He's closing his eyes.

If they weren't posed like a portrait. If they were making any expression what so ever that would allow for closed eyes (crying, laughing, sadness), and if she wasn't looking dead straight at the camera, then I think you'd have more wiggle room for some eyes closed.

As presented it looks like a blink. There's almost no other way to interpret it.

Fair enough. Point taken. Thank you.