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1.78 - "Needs Work" 

I picked up some macaroons from our local bakery - Sift. I thought it would be cool to set up some photos and send them to Sift to show them my work. The photo was taken on my dining room table using the natural light from the window on the left and I used a reflector on the right to help fill some shadows. I made a cup tea as I thought tea would go good with the macaroons and added it to the back ground. In this image I thought it would be cool to have the macaroons spilling out of the container toward the camera.

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1 Comment

I really dig where this is going!

The locations of all of them are great, overall composition is strong(in terms of location). The only part of the composition I'm against is the handle.. I would have pushed that back around personally.

What would have pushed this image better is the color. Everything starts with color. You have these great colors in the box and the napkin, were everything else is monochromatic so the focus shifts to the colors(in my opinion) If you did the same shot with macaroons with the colors of what was on the box... we'd be looking at a closer to 4 star image in my mind. Or if the macaroons were nicely colored, and the box was more mono. Either way, even with such a shallow depth, my eye thinks that box is the coolest part and keeps wanting to hang out there.