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2.46 - "Needs Work" 

A personal project.

Went with a dark noire style vibe, for a maybe not quite subtle play on words with Pinot Noir.

Shot at: 200, 2.8, 100mm

Shot Four Lights: Three Strip boxes, a gridded reflector plus a white card.

1) On the Left hand side behind the bottle pointing down, so only the top curve of the bottle would get an edge light. This light also created the highlights in the left glass and created the red line on the right of the bottle.

2)On the right hand lower to create a diagonal shape between the two edge lights.

3)On the 45º of the front of the bottle, with additional diffusion close the bottle to create the gradient on the label and the glass of the bottle. Then used a white bounce to lower the shadow of the label.

Simply placed on right side of of glasses from behind, at the same hight as the camera

This ones 95% in camera, no dodging and burning, all planned light to make this image. Only did minor dust and texture clean up.

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I was thinking this contest was for model based images only. As I've seen a good few "Models" That look like booze... I figured I'd throw one in :)

If you rate... I enjoy feedback so I can understand your vote! Thanks all!

I gave this a three... I really like the perspective you have given to this... I like that small light circle on top maybe to "show" its like in a bar maybe...

also I really like the two wine glasses you used for this to show the depth of it and a style...

Good stuff

As I wrote in the comment section during last contest. I proclaimed that one should write a comment when one give 1 or 2 stars.

I truly think that constructive criticism give you, the photographer, more to continue to improve on than a certain number of stars does. :)

- - -

I gave your image 2 stars.

I don't like the angle of the bottle. Why is it leaning to the left?

The white blob of light below the left wine glass, is there for what reason?

The light blob in the sky (and the rim light of the left glass) is lighter than the bottle. Are they more important than the bottle/brand?

One more exposure of the label would be needed to make that the most important part of the image pop.

Your gradients aren't that smooth. I would use a layer on at the very end. With both smaller and larger grain. This makes the image go together as one.

All valid points Jonn, This is an image I've wanted to revisit. All that easily addressed in post. For this image at the time I was very driven for all in camera. I went back and forth on keeping the light in the back. When editing, for some reason I enjoyed the image better with it? Thanks for the time to comment. I'll have to send you an updated image when I decide to play around with it again!

We are here to improve, making thought through comments make the community better, stronger, faster(?). ;)

Sure do that!

Will do, I enjoy your work by the way. Great stuff!

I have some similar comments as others for why I rated it a two. The white circle in the top left is distracting. The fact that the top of the bottle is out of focus but the bottom isn't bothers me. I'd rather see the whole bottle in focus. I think the angle is slightly too low. I do like the glasses in the background though and the overall lighting.