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I like the shot - but I'm having trouble understanding how it fits the theme. Can you elaborate on the intent, style, prep, etc.?

Hi, I wanted to shoot a picture that makes people think about slowing down when they're driving. It's supposed to be the point of view of a person that died in an accident, being the camera angle tilted. The long exposure that blurs the car lights represents a different time from what living people usually perceive. The location was choosen because the building in the background also has kind of a surreal look - difficult to tell from the picture, but it it's entirely covered with silver reflecting foil and is lit by the sunset (which happens to be behind a mountain on the back of the camera, which is the reason why the light is so high). I choose a black helmet to get maximal contrast with the background. I understand the concept of "styling" in this picture might not be the usual one, but - at least to me - all of the above it's styling. I don't know if this answers your question, but let me ask you something, maybe that will help explaining myself: do you think that "styling" applies just to people pictures? Can you style a landscape picture?

I appreciate your comment and explanation here. As a motorcycle rider, this is a real fear that one day I will go out and never make it back home and I think you captured what you set out to capture wonderfully. Without your explanation though, I did not pick up on it, maybe some damage to the helmet or an arm or hand reaching into the frame from the persons perspective might sell it a little easier?

Thanks Giulio. The explanation makes me appreciate the photo quite a bit more. I honestly hadn't even noticed the motion trails at first, and it didn't occur to me this could be a cautionary tale.

(To answer your question - no, I don't think 'styled' photos only relates to people shots. Though the question seems a bit defensive.)

I agree with Marcus's thoughts - maybe it would have worked better to have elements in the photo, like a person reaching, or a visible car veering out of the way of the helmet, or something, to more connect the viewer with the story?

It's not a shot I could have planned or executed better; just trying to openly portray how it didn't connect for me at first and your explanation makes it make more sense. Thanks for that.