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2.4 - "Needs Work" 

Finnish beard oil manufacturer wanted a stylized picture for male audience and stereotypes were allowed so we went with that thought. Would love to hear what people have to say!

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Personally it’s a little hard to read and I would like to see the beard oil as a more prominent feature of the image. Full disclosure I am viewing this image on my phone and it may read better on a larger screen. The main things that stick out to me on first glance are the model’s legs and the clear empty bottle. The bottle is large and bright which pulls my focus away from the beard oil. The model’s legs and feet end at the same height as the base for the beard oil so it looks like either the model is standing on the table or the oil is placed on the ground. One way to mix the stereotype of sexy model with fishnets would be to lay the model down and have a leg bent behind the beard oil. That might make more sense height wise but hard to say with out actually doing it! I would like to hear what you think! Over all nice shot.

Thanks for the feedback! You are absolutely right and I had a physical print in mind while doing this. Phone version was zoomed closer to the bottle. I don't know why I left the bottle so bright. Something to remember in the next shoot.

I like the bottle being bright it adds a more dynamic look to the photo, plus the box is right next to it with all the product details. the shot is pretty busy but that might work to get people to stop and take a longer look. yes the brightest point isn't drawing you to the product but I think it catches enough attention in the long run. If I had hired you I would have the photo printed and displayed proudly and that's all that matters. cheers!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Interesting concept, but I don't know where to look. I try not to take into account the back story if provided because - old fashioned - an image can tell its own story if composed well enough. I like the cards falling. Nice element.