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2.41 - "Needs Work" 

Armani perfume shot

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I would like to see some nail polish on the outside of the bottle if you are going to set in in a puddle otherwise it looks like there was a spill from a first bottle and then a second bottle was put in its place with out cleaning up the spill. But if you had some nail polish on this bottle, even just a little, I think it would look more intentional. Or leave the second bottle in the shot to provide a place for the nail polish to come from.

From image to image your comments reflect lack of attention, knowledge and good intentions. I think you should focus more on opening your mind and sometimes read the descriptions at least, if you're not going to be more kind.

My comments are never posted with unkind intentions. This image for example, the only description we have to go on is "Armani perfume shot" which this is clearly not. This is Armani nail polish so I have to critique based on what I see. In this image I see a full and seemingly unopened nail polish bottle sitting on some spilt nail polish. I never said that the image was not good, it is done fairly well. However, I did give a piece of advice. If the photographer of any image I comment on, does not agree with my thoughts, then that is fine I am simply expressing some ideas of what may make the images stronger. At the end of the day, this is a photo critique. I think more people need to comment on images, but a lot of people are afraid that the comments they make to try to help a fellow photographer will be misconstrued into something they are not. If I have offered you, or anyone with one of my comments, please know that was not my intent. I just comment things that I think can either help the image, or help the artist see new perspectives.

Firstly, this IS a perfume shot.
Second, maybe your comments need a little finesse to appear more helpful.

My mistake, it appeared to me to be a nail polish shot, especially with the nail polish on the base. Since it is not a nail polish shot, then why is there some on the base at all? My original point was that there seemed to be a disconnect between the subject and the nail polish(or paint or whatever) running down. Maybe that is the point, I do not know since I am n to he photographer, all I can do, and all anyone can do during these critiques is to examine the images, and then comment what their opinions are. The artist then gets to choose if they agree or not.

Thank you for shedding some light on this for me, that this in fact a perfume and thank you as well for suggestion I use a bit more finesse. I will take that into consideration.

Assuming too much.
Why would it be a nail polish, it is a opaque red liquid. Why not assume it's a blood? It's Armani Si Passione. I like blood idea better, it suits passion theme.

Thank you, I would love to see more encouraging critiques here, not just by you but by the whole community.