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The Bright Siblings

I continue enjoying Autumn and those little gems that dot the woods at this wonderful time of the year.
Yesterday, I found these little twins and I couldn't resist lighting them up and bringing some photographies home.

I am improving the process and trying to standardize my work flow in this type of photography little by little.

Let's keep learning!

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great light !

Thank you!!

Alvaro, wonderful ‘shrooms man! I usually don’t care for how lots of photographers light them giving that “glowy” effect. But you did it well, balancing ambient and additional lighting. Respecting the essence of your subject. Your focal point is spot on, from both caps to the diagonal line of moss through your frame. Best of all your others I can see the progress you’ve made with these challenging subjects. Ain’t learning fun.

Thank you for your kind words Paul! I always try to light them to make them magical but real at the same time!