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The Dragon's Slumber

Yesterday, as I approached Campelo Beach, I was amazed to see how all the rocks that used to be prominent in my photographs were now completely covered by the sand, transformed by the intense winter storms.

However, amidst that vast expanse of sand, my eyes landed on a particular rock that seemed to have a life of its own. Its serpentine form evoked the slumbering body of a mighty sleeping dragon, nestled upon the bed of the beach.

The pointed scales of the rock, weathered by wind and water, resembled the defenses of an ancient mythical creature. Each scale seemed to point towards the sky, as if the dragon were guarding the secrets of the horizon.

The swirling foam and water in the foreground added a touch of magic to the scene. It resembled the breath of the dragon, a gentle whirlpool of foam that appeared to emanate from its mouth as it peacefully slumbered.

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