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[Video] Filmmaker Andrew Stanton Breaks Down Storytelling

Oscar-winning writer Andrew Stanton, who’s credit list includes WALL-E, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo among others, was featured in a recent TEDTalks Video sharing his insights onto storytelling, and what it takes to make them compelling enough to captivate an audience. There is a ton of great information here, and it really does go to show that content is king… You can have the biggest camera and tons of talent, but if your story is lame, no one will watch your stuff! Language in the video is NSFW.

[Gear] Sony Reveals NEX-FS700, '4K Ready' and 240fps Camera Body

Hot on the heels of NAB 2012, Sony's Europe website posted the NEX-FS700E Camcorder. The hitlist of features include a Super35mm CMOS Sensor, 4K RAW output with a future upgrade, up to 240fps @ 1080p, built-in ND filters, and 50/60Hz switching. Pricing is still unannounced, but EOSHD's sources tell them it will only be $8,000! Hit the jump for actual product images and a detailed feature list.

Interactive Documentary “Bear 71” Includes Video and One Million Photos

Shown at Sundance this year, the project called Bear 71 is unique spin on a documentary concept. Using an interactive graphical interface, the user can explore Canada's Bow Valley, and click on points of interest like wolves and bears. It's also a linear story being told through a warm, inviting voiceover, while video clips that move the story forward narrative are interspersed. The user fills in the gaps by exploring the valley and viewing images which give a glimpse into the hidden world of the wild.

[BTS] Tyler Stableford Demos The Canon 1DX And 600-EX-RT Speedlite

Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford is making it into yet another post on Fstoppers. This time, he was out on a shoot testing the capabilities of the new Canon 1DX DSLR and the 600 EX RT (currently available for pre-order) by shooting some action shots of alpinist Steve House working with some ice climbing gear. In this video, Tyler shows us how he is using the Speedlite to get the look he wants, while having some fun with the new 1DX.

[Video] Corey Rich Documents Mountaineering In The Arctic Circle

Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker Corey Rich prides himself on being an avid outdoor enthusiast as well as a world class visual artist. Featured recently on a project that put the new Nikon D4 through it’s paces on the Project “Why”, Corey has posted this new video that documents a team of 6 adventurers traveling to Northern Alaska to summit an amazing mountain range.

[BTS] Inside Look At Short Film Shot On C300 By Phillip Bloom

DSLR guru Phillip Bloom recently worked on a short scifi film that used the new Canon C300 as it’s primary camera. While the short film isn’t finished yet, this behind-the-scenes video has been released for everyone to see. While it’s quite long, it’s a unique inside look at how the director worked with the crew and what it was like to be on set.

Perfect For "Shooting" Photos - Camera Designed As A Rifle. Seriously.

Randy Gregg has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a digital camera that is built to look just like a hunting rifle. It's completely non-lethal, and pulling the trigger will store your images, complete with crosshair overlay, onto an SD card. For hunters and law enforcement this might be useful, but something tells me I won't see this in a lineup next to a bunch of DSLRs when shooting public events. Hit the jump for some renders of the product and Randy's Kickstarter.

[Humor] Conan O'Brien Editors Rave About Adobe Premiere

You may recall that Rob Ashe and his fellow post gurus who work on the Conan O'Brien Show publicly bashed Final Cut X a while back. They've returned with a new video, proclaiming their love for Adobe Premiere, or as Rob refers to it, Final Cut Pro 8. Final Cut X has had several updates since it's initial release, but is it still lacking? Have you made the switch? Are you cutting home movies in 4K?

[News] Canon To Reveal New Gear On April 15

With NAB just around the corner, the rumor mill has started to spin with regards to what Canon is planning on announcing near the start of the annual video conference held in Las Vegas. Contenders include a 4K DSLR style camera, new cinema lenses similar to those released back in November, or something completely different.

[Video] Creative Music Video Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Doing video or photo projects for fun and experimenting can lead to some really unique images, and this video by Marc Donahue and Sean M. Williams is a perfect example. While having some fun with a DP Stage Zero Dolly and Canon 5D, they used several different timelapse and stop-motion techniques to achieve a really slick movement and feel to this video. How many different techniques can you spot?

[Video] Translating Architecture Through Photography

Architectural Photographer Chris Luker creates thoughtful images of buildings and locations, and really digs deep to communicate the details and context of the place. In a very thoughtful and informative video, Chris describes his thoughts and process for trying to translate the “language of architecture.” There’s some really deep thoughts here, Jack Handey would be proud.

[Video] Impressive Short Film Of Chicago Uses Timelapse, Slow-Mo

There are a lot of timelapse and slow-mo shorts out there, but rarely do they have a narrative. “Projecting Reflections” is a short film by Preston Kanak and crew that blends these techniques and adds an alluring voiceover, and the result is something more than just a pretty video. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m loving all of these timelapse videos that have come out lately depicting cities around the world. How about you?

[Video] Behind The Scenes Of The Epic Rope Swing At Corona Arch

How do you set up a 150 foot rope swing and not die? YouTube user Devin Graham went with a group of rock climbers to a huge rock arch in Utah, and put together a fun video showing everyone having a great time cheating death. The making of video shows how a glidecam was used to get smooth shots across rocks where a single misstep would have ended in “splat instant death.”
[Video] Camera Inception - Making a Canon TV Commercial

Shooting the guy who’s shooting another guy who is acting like he is shooting an athlete. Should we go one level deeper? Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford was featured by Canon in a commercial called “The Craftsman” for their EOS Digital products. In the full post, check out the behind the scenes video, followed by the final ad. Try not to get caught in limbo.
[Video] Is Your Idea Really Yours? Everything Is A Remix

This fantastic mini-doc explores the history behind intellectual property, ideas, creativity, and the laws that have been put in to place to control them. If you enjoyed Noam Galai’s Stolen Scream doc, you’ll get a kick out of the commentary provided in this video by Kirby Ferguson. What do you think? Is creativity derivative? Where do you draw the line, if you draw one at all?
[Video] Travel Video Done Right - Exploring Chile And Patagonia

It takes more than a nice a camera and an amazing landscape to make stunning images. Vimeo user Dana Saint traveled with his girlfriend for 5 weeks and didn’t just capture great footage, but he also wrote a wonderful voiceover to go with it. It starts a bit slow but picks up in the last few minutes, with shots going by so fast I had to re-watch it several times over again.
[Video] Behind The Scenes - OK Go's Music Vid "Needing/Getting"

By now most of you have probably seen OK Go's music video for "Needing/Getting", either during the Superbowl or from the millions of people who circulated it across the web right after. They just released the first in a series of behind the scenes videos that show how they made this awesome ad, check it out!
[Video] Impressive At High ISO - Ruin Porn Shot On Canon C300

The Canon C300 can utilize a Gamma Curve called Canon Log to increase it’s usable dynamic range to a remarkable 12 stops (explained in detail here). Kevin Ritchie spent a day at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly just testing it out, and I think the results are a great real world example of the power of the C300/Log Gamma combination. Shots look clean at 6400 ISO! Is anyone else as excited for this camera as I am?
[Video] Shooting Landscape Photography At Garden Of The Gods

Photographer Lewis Carlyle at Sun Gallery Photography has been exploring some amazing landscapes and sharing their beauty in his series American Photographic. This video explores Garden of the Gods in Colorado, including info on the challenges of shooting there, as well as a history lesson. What landscape destinations are on your list to visit?
[Video] Powerful Slow-Mo Video Shot On $500 DSLR

We’ve featured slow motion videos before, and this one is right up there with the best in terms of it’s motion rendering. Shooting with a $500 Canon 550D/T2i, Sacha Powell put together this powerful video using Twixtor to slow down some of his shots. It really goes to show that you don’t need the most expensive gear to make amazing visuals. You'll want to watch this fullscreen.