[Video] How To Light A Person For A Video Interview

We get asked to show our lighting for our Fstoppers Original interviews all the time but it seems like we always forget to shoot our lighting schemes. StillMotion just released a killer video that shows how they light interviews with key, fill, hair, and background lights. By using Profoto's new HMI lights with Air remotes, you can easily change the output of each light without moving from behind your camera. Of course all of this still applies to still photography as well.

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Tobias Solem's picture

Great tutorial. But what's that annoying "rubbery" noise as he's speaking? 

What's SMAPP? I'm guessing the SM is for still motion, but what is it???

Mike Wilkinson's picture

Those lights and their controllers are sick... and they are priced accordingly ($2600 per fixture... ouch!)

Cool it's also actual for photography.