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How Did You Hack Together Your Eclipse Kit?

It's been a few days since a swath of the United States was engulfed by the solar eclipse. Internet traffic dropped drastically as everyone turned their (protected) eyes to the sky. And of course, photographers feverishly figured out how to photograph the dang thing without properly preparing. Well, most of us, anyway.

Is the MacBook Air M3 the Best Laptop for Photographers?

Selecting the ideal laptop for photography isn't just about choosing a portable computer; it's about finding a versatile tool that enhances your artistic and processing capabilities without becoming a financial burden. This excellent video review takes a look at the MacBook Air M3 for photographers.

The Importance of Habitual Photography

For many, photography starts as an occasional practice—an outlet for creativity during leisure time. However, the journey from occasional snapshots to profound visual storytelling often hinges not on sporadic bursts of activity but on how ingrained photography becomes in daily life.

Discover the Blueprint for a Thriving Wedding Photography Empire Business

Building a successful wedding photography business from the ground up is a daunting task, but indispensable for those who wish to transform their passion for capturing love into a lucrative career. The steps to achieve this bear importance due to the competitive and saturated market of wedding photography, which demands a clear and innovative approach to thrive.

The Best Way To Edit Night Photos

In this article, I share five photo editing techniques in Photoshop you can use to create better night photos.

If You're Shooting in Color, There's Something You Really Need to Know

If you are shooting in color but have no familiarity with color theory, you could be leaving a lot on the table when it comes to the quality and impact of your photography. Even an image with perfect exposure and artful composition can still be a dud if it lacks a compelling color palette.

First Hands-On Look At New DJI Avata 2 FPV Drone

DJI, maker of the world's best consumer and professional camera drones, recently announced the brand new Avata 2 FPV drone. They were able to send me one to test out, and in this video, I ask the question: "is the Avada 2 worth upgrading from the original Avata drone?"

Review of the Sony a9 Mark III Without Focusing Too Much on the Global Shutter

When the Sony a9 Mark III is mentioned, it is all about the global shutter. While there is a benefit from this kind of sensor readout, the camera is much more than that. Although the global sensor needs to be mentioned, I want to look beyond that one single thing everyone seems to be obsessed about.

Transform Your Photos With Only One or Two Lights

Mastering light in photography is essential, whether one is working with the natural glow of the sun or artificial studio setups. Understanding how to manipulate light with just one or two sources can transform the quality of your work, making the subject stand out in ways that are both subtle and profound.

The Secret Ingredients of a Perfect Wide Angle Portrait

Portraiture doesn't always have to feature only the subject. A wide angle portrait can introduce a sense of wonder and drama to your images. This helpful video tutorial will show you some great tips for taking one.

OWC Announces New CFExpress A Cards and External SSDs

OWC has announced a number of new storage products in advance of the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Their new products include industry-leading CFExpress Type A cards with support for the 4.0 standard, the new Envoy SSD for a compact external SSD with a USB-C interface, and new capacities for their Envoy Pro Elektron and Envoy Pro Mini SSDs.

The Sony 20-70mm f/4 Review: The Most Useful Midrange Zoom?

For both artistic and commercial work, a mid-range zoom is virtually an essential piece of kit. Sony’s 20-70mm f/4 puts a new spin on the traditional mid-range formula, but is it really that good? In this review, I look back on the last year of using this lens and consider whether it truly has a place in the E-mount ecosystem.

How Fill Light Transforms Your Images

Understanding fill light and its influence on portraits is a cornerstone for mastering off-camera flash techniques. This helpful video tutorial will show you how fill light can elevate a portrait from good to great.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Cohesive Photography Portfolio

Creating a cohesive portfolio is a critical step for every photographer, serving as both a reflection of progress and a beacon for future growth. This portfolio isn't just a collection of your best work; it's a tool to evaluate the development of your unique style and to identify areas for improvement.

How Mindset Mastery Can Elevate Your Photography Business

Mastering photography involves much more than just technical skill; it requires an understanding of the psychological aspects that influence both the photographer and the audience. The mental game, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role in transforming good photographers into exceptional ones.

What's The Best Advice for Turning Pro as a Photographer?

We've all needed help on the path to becoming photographers. Did some great advice help get you there? Advice may help you out of a bind or may help you to understand something you can't quite get the hang of. Of course, advice may also lead you down the wrong road. So, once you receive advice, you have to determine the value of the guidance. Is it good or bad advice? I asked a few photography colleagues to share the best advice they've received on turning pro. I'd love to hear about good advice you've been given, or good advice you'd like to share on turning pro.

A Guide to Advanced Luminosity Masking

Photographers constantly seek ways to refine and enhance the intricate details within their images, striving for that perfect balance where every element, no matter how subtle, is vividly presented. Luminosity masking is a fantastic technique for achieving this goal, especially when dealing with complex scenes like a lightning-filled sky, where the delicate interplay of light and shadow requires a nuanced approach.

The Power of Classic Digital Cameras

Diving into the archives reveals a compelling truth: older digital cameras, often dismissed in the race for megapixels and modern features, hold a lot of value for today's photographers. Here's why you shouldn't overlook them.

Prism Lens FX Filter Face-off: Lucid Dream FX Versus Moody FX Filters

I’ve been seeing Prism Lens FX filters everywhere and have been curious about what they're actually like to shoot with. There are so many interesting filters available that it’s hard to know which ones are worth the investment. So, here’s a comparison of the Lucid Dream FX Filter and the Moody FX Filter.

Mastering Photo Organization in Lightroom

Efficient photo management is pivotal for maintaining an orderly digital workspace, as it helps you streamline your editing process and enhance productivity. Mastering organizational tools in Lightroom is crucial for this.

How to Color Correct Portraits in Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to portraiture, the power color has to make or break even your best images is not to be underestimated. In this video, Aaron Nace of PHLEARN walks you through how to correct the colors in Adobe Photoshop.
Debunking Photography Myths: A Realistic Look at the Profession

Photography as a profession is often met with skepticism and discouragement, overshadowed by warnings of financial instability and market saturation. Such pervasive negativity can deter aspiring photographers from pursuing their passion, despite the evolving opportunities within the industry.

Bringing Your Photography to Life with Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is a great technique for creating attention-grabbing content to promote a brand or your own photography, or even just for fun. In this article, I am going to show you how to shoot and assemble a series of still images to create an eye-catching stop motion animation.

How Good Is This Extreme Medium Format Lens?

The TTArtisan 90mm f/1.25 is an extreme lens in both design and price, offering medium format users super-narrow depth of field at a rock-bottom price compared to other GFX and X mount lenses. This great video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

Using High Speed Sync to Take Your Action Photography to the Next Level

In certain scenarios, such as photographing action outdoors, it’s all too easy to find yourself needing to work at shutter speeds that exceed the flash sync speed of your camera. This is where high speed sync comes into its own, expanding your creative possibilities beyond the limitations of conventional flash.

How Good Is the Leica SL3?

The Leica SL3 offers some of the company's most impressive design and features. This thorough examination highlights the significance of this camera for anyone keen on capturing images with remarkable precision and detail.

Learning From Mistakes: How They Shaped My Photography Journey

Throughout my photography journey, I've encountered various mistakes that have served as valuable learning experiences, ultimately shaping my understanding and approach to the craft. In this article, I'll share some of these mistakes, how you can avoid them, and how they've contributed to my growth as a photographer.

Critique the Community Wedding Photography

With Pye Jirsa
Congratulations to the Winners!

Pye Jirsa and I want to thank everyone who submitted their photos to this wedding critique as well as congratulate each photographer whose images made it into the final show. You can view all the entries and the winners in the post below. 

Tips to 'Shoot From the Hip' With Street Photography

When I was a young photo student studying in college, my professor gave us a scavenger hunt for photography of sorts. One of the categories was "shoot from the hip." I thought it was strange, but in hindsight, it was prescient advice.

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Sunset Photo

Observing the skies and understanding the interaction between light and cloud formations are crucial elements in capturing breathtaking landscape images. This helpful video will show you how to improve your sunset images.

A Beginner’s Guide to Astrophotography

Astrophotography opens a window to the cosmos, allowing photographers to capture the stunning beauty of the night sky. This niche combines the meticulousness of photography with the awe-inspiring vistas of astronomy, offering a unique blend of science and art that can mesmerize and inspire.

Enhancing Your Photos with Time Blending: A Step-by-Step Guide

Time blending can create dynamic, visually compelling images. This process involves merging photos taken at different times to showcase the contrast between natural and artificial light, offering a unique perspective on a scene.

Rethinking Effort and Outcome in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography often entails a complex blend of planning, physical effort, and an intimate understanding of the natural environment. This dedication to the craft, from pre-dawn hikes to meticulous weather monitoring, epitomizes the photographer’s quest for the perfect shot—a pursuit that is as rewarding as it is demanding.

Is ISO 100 Always Right for Landscape Photography?

As landscape photographers, we hear it all the time: "Always use ISO 100 for your photos. That is the only way to get the crispest and cleanest image." Is this true, though? Should we be afraid of using a higher ISO? Or are there times you should use a higher ISO? We find out in this video.

The Importance of Embracing Mistakes in Photography

The art of photography thrives not just on the celebration of successes but equally on the acknowledgment and analysis of failures. Understanding what doesn't work in one's photography can be as crucial as recognizing what does, providing valuable insights for personal growth and style development.

You Are Missing Out by Ignoring an Important Approach to Photography

If you want to elevate it to a higher level, then there is an essential approach to your photography that you should embrace. Known for thousands of years, but nonetheless elusive, here's an approach to photography you can adopt, used by masters in all fields.

A Guide to Unifying Skin Tones in Photoshop

Unifying skin tones in portraits is a pivotal skill that directly impacts the final quality of an image. This helpful video tutorial addresses the common challenge of mismatched or uneven skin tones, which can detract from the cohesiveness and aesthetic appeal of an image.

Where to Find Clear Skies for Monday's Total Solar Eclipse

Capturing the total solar eclipse is a momentous opportunity for any individual behind the lens, though it presents unique challenges and rewards. This helpful video from a professional meteorologist will show you what to expect.

How to Achieve Vibrant, Three-Dimensional Images With These Easy Steps in Lightroom

Transforming the tedious task of color grading from a Photoshop layer-heavy process to a streamlined Lightroom slider manipulation is a real game-changer. This simplification not only speeds up the workflow but also offers precision and creativity, making it a significant advancement for you if you're looking to elevate the quality of your images with less hassle.

Fujifilm Explains Why The X100VI Is Still Out of Stock

Fujifilm is currently managing incredible demand for its X100 series of cameras. Despite the latest X100VI only being released a couple of months ago, the backlog has already grown to immense proportions. In our latest video, we speak to Fujifilm to see why this is the case.