Pixellu Releases SmartAlbums for Windows With $50 Off Introduction

Pixellu Releases SmartAlbums for Windows With $50 Off Introduction

When Pixellu came out with its too easy to believe drag and drop album creator that synced with every popular album company's layouts, those who were not Mac users were certainly bummed to hear they would be missing out. But today, after Pixellu released SmartAlbums 2 for Mac, the SmartAlbums version for Windows is here and it comes at a generous $50 discount for those who have waited so patiently.

For those unfamiliar with the program, SmartAlbums really is a fantastic album creation tool that works remarkably well. I can speak from personal experience, as I've used it on a Mac, where it behaves largely the same as it does in the Windows version.

SmartAlbums started in beta on Mac a few years ago, and it's come a long way since it made its way to the Windows platform.

While we don't have a review for the Windows version prepared so soon, our own Sarah Williams already reviewed SmartAlbums 2 (for Mac) when it came out, so you can easily get acquainted there or alternatively on Pixellu's website while you decide if you want to take advantage of the awesome savings currently offered. Those interested will find the Windows version will be available beginning February 16th, but you can reserve your $50 discount by signing up here.

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I do not believe the software is 50% off. The website says $50 off..

Alex Cooke's picture

You're both absolutely right. We've corrected that.

Bert McLendon's picture

$50 discount. I'm wondering if owners of the iMac version get the windows version for free... or a super awesome loyal customer discount... but it should be free. =)

Keith Sheridan's picture

Their site FAQ says the licence is cross platform, and is good for 2 computers, so you should be able to install on mac and pc.

Wayne Du Bruyn's picture

That sucked , went to website and i have to immediately sign up to see whats going on

the former lacky's picture

I have to admit i talked my boss into getting it and it really is a good program for doing albums, and since i am and i am sure we are , so used to labprints, fundy, and blah blah blah, this one is a little bit nicer then them. I like it and since i do a lot of work with Leathercraftsmen albums it works great with them.

Keith Sheridan's picture

http://signup.pixellu.com/?kid=8FKA1 If anyone is feeling charitable they can sign up through this link and I can earn an extra savings?