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New Aerial Short Film Continues to Fuel Iceland's Photo Rush

Affectionately known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland has become a widely popular photography hotspot. It seems like everywhere you turn, there are photographers and videographers talking, fantasizing, planning, and shooting all things Iceland. But what's with all the fuss? For those who have yet to pack their photo gear and travel to the island, the recently released short film, "Ice and Fire," shows what you are missing and continues to kindle Iceland's "photo rush."

Google Shares Incredible Underwater Journeys with Street View Oceans

Yesterday was World Oceans Day (it's okay if you missed it; you can make up for it today) and to celebrate, Google released an amazing new feature powered by its popular Street View technology: Street View Oceans. Working with a number of scientists and researchers, Google mapped well over 50 unique experiences around the world with GPS data to give the public access to the amazing life under the sea as well as to help track its growth and/or recession for scientific study.

[Video] Simple Tips for Mastering Push/Pull Moves

Using a slider for video production can be a no-brainer when doing lateral tracking shots, but when you use them to for push/pull shots, sometimes the track itself can become a hinderance if it visible in your shot. In this short series you'll see cinematographer Preston Kanak give you some ideas on how to keep the slider where it belongs, out of your shot. Interested in seeing how it's done? Click here to see the full post.
The Milky Way – Amazing Time-Lapse and Images from Rural Greece

If you've never seen the Milky Way in the skies in any rural part of the world, you have been robbed of one of the most magnificent visions on this planet. I grew up in the southern part of Israel, which is a desert called The Negev. All the kids from my block would gather every summer night, lie down on the ground and just stare at the skies for hours on end. I didn't realize how lucky I was to grow up in that desert.

"Evil Eyes" Sunrise Captured During Solar Eclipse

Historically speaking, solar eclipses have been surrounded by myths, legends, and superstitions. If you're one of those individuals who remains superstitious about sunrises and solar eclipses, then you should probably avoid looking at this image for too long.

Sit Back And Enjoy The Fall Colors Of Aspen, Colorado In This Motion Timelapse

Timelapse photographer and videographer Mike Kvackay took a trip over to Aspen a couple weekends ago to catch the yellow and red colors of the trees that peak during this time of the year. What better setting than Aspen, Colorado, near the Maroon Bells peaks? Check out the video and then read on to hear about Mike's setup for motion timelapses, and see a few more of his awesome timelapse videos.

How to Take Perfect Sunset Landscapes

Why is it that certain sunsets stand out more than others? After all, it’s not every day we see a good one. Well, that depends on a few different things that must come together to produce the kind of sunsets we want to capture in camera. In this piece, I'll outline what to look for and when.

Gran Canaria Was so Much Better for Landscape Photography Than I Expected

Gran Canaria is known for parties, booze, and family resort vacations, but this island in the Canary Islands archipelago has some amazing nature worth visiting for any landscape and travel photographer. Not to mention, it is easier to combine this with a family vacation than Iceland, The Faroes, or Norway is.

Wildlife Filmmaker Has a Close Call With a Leopard

One way to increase your chances of getting a good wildlife image is to carry out a thorough overview of a potential area. That's why having a solid understanding of the subject's behavior is so important. Sometimes, though, even the most seasoned wildlife veteran can get caught off guard, as this incredibly lucky gentleman was reminded.

We Review the New Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VXD Lens

As a working professional, I rely on my gear and need it to perform in all conditions. Recently, I was given the opportunity to field-test the new Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VXD. It may just surprise you, as it did me.

Perfect For "Shooting" Photos - Camera Designed As A Rifle. Seriously.

Randy Gregg has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a digital camera that is built to look just like a hunting rifle. It's completely non-lethal, and pulling the trigger will store your images, complete with crosshair overlay, onto an SD card. For hunters and law enforcement this might be useful, but something tells me I won't see this in a lineup next to a bunch of DSLRs when shooting public events. Hit the jump for some renders of the product and Randy's Kickstarter.

Aurorae From Space: NASA Just Won the Time-lapse Game

I've been feeling pretty cool lately. I've been making some time-lapses and doing a lot of aerial work. It's hard not to feel cool when you're taking shots from 300 feet in the air. Then, NASA came along and made a time-lapse 250 miles up in space. I no longer feel cool.

Nature Photographers and Filmmakers Wanted

Calling all nature photographers and filmmakers. A groundbreaking new media platform designed to connect more of us to nature is launching its apps' first beta iteration this week.

Beautiful Landscapes Taken From the Comfort of a Computer

While thousands of adventurers and photographers explore the far reaches of our planet forever looking for that next great vista, Marcus DeSieno spends hours scouring over 10,000 traffic and weather cams quietly watching some of the world's most remote and beautiful places. "I’ve watched the sun set over the Grand Canyon, seen waves crashing into Hawaii, watched storms passing over [the Swiss Alps],” DeSieno told Wired. “It’s all from the comfort of my desk chair.”

The Search For Inspiration: Shoot The Skies

Imagine someone were to ask you to count the number of photographs you see from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the moment you close them again that night. Between looking through your own work, as well as the various social media and news sites, the number of images we expose ourselves to is probably well over a thousand.

6 Tips for Creating Buttery Smooth Backgrounds

A fast telephoto lens might be the solution for the perfectly smooth background that isolates your subject; however, there is more you should know to achieve the perfectly blurred background.

Multi-Part Video Series on Mastering Drone Footage Is a Must-Watch That Will Make You Drool While You Learn

Cinema5D founder Sebastian Wöber's latest three-part tutorial on drone shooting starts off with quite the introduction in Part I. Wöber could honestly be saying anything to accompany his to-die-for footage, but what makes it so fantastic is how great the information in this video is. From safety to beginner tips on getting started and how to get that cinematic shot you have in your head (don't worry, Wöber has plenty examples if you don't), Part I has you covered. And there's more to come...very soon.

Beautiful Underwater Photographs From The Land Down Under

There's a feeling of quietness about South Australian photographer, Narelle Autio's series, Water hole. Using a couple of old orange Nikonos film cameras, a 20 mm lens, and no breathing apparatus other than her lungs, Autio captured some pretty incredible images during her travels in the outback.

Tony Northrup Shares Tips For Capturing Close Up Bird Photographs

Every time I go to state parks along the lakeshore, I always see a few people with DSLR cameras walking around taking shots. Anytime there's an interesting bird nearby, it often becomes the subject of their attention. These colorful creatures are as majestic as they are quick though, and don't usually tolerate humans being too close to them. In this video tutorial from Tony Northrup, he shares many tips to get up close to birds in the field or even your own backyard.

Intriguing "Sand Creatures" Series Features Bursts of Sand Frozen in Mid-Air

Photographer Claire Droppert’s series “Sand Creatures” features photographs of sand clouds in mid-air as they form eye-catching, animal-like figures. Often titled after the animals they resemble (some more closely than others), the bursts of sand take on beautiful, energetic presences.

3 Fresh Tips for Spring Landscape Photography

If winter is the season of monochrome, spring is the season of color. Spring, following a season of coma-like dormancy, reminds us that we inhabit a miraculous living organism. We are reminded that our planet is a colorful one. Absence, indeed, makes the heart grow fonder.

Behind the Scenes: Shooting a Breathtaking Classical Album Cover

This week the ever talented Benjamin Von Wong has taken a particularly difficult challenge of shooting not only a cover album for classical artists, Homzy/Kesler Duo, but their music video for their latest single, 'Curiosity', on the same day. In the behind the scenes video Benjamin walks you through the lighting he used for the photography portion of the shoot.

7 Steps to Stunning Seascapes For Beginners

I am not an early bird but living in Sydney, Australia on the east coast leaves me no choice but to get up early once in a while for a dawn to sunrise shoot. The coffee and breakfast at a beach cafe make it worth getting up at the sparrow's fart (Australian slang for very early). I've been shooting seascapes for over 10 years and I have always found it to be one of the most rewarding and challenging of photographic subjects. No two seascapes are the same and once you add variable weather and sea conditions to the mix there are endless opportunities for photographers willing to get their feet wet, so to speak! I am still learning everyday how to stay dry and not get washed away.

Unique Landscape Images Lightpainted By Natural Forces

London-based photographer Joel James Devlin created a series of images he titled "Light Waves and Dark Currents", and for the ones posted here, Joel took a colored LED light and placed it into water, leaving his camera to fire 40-minute exposures. The result are these moving, naturally occurring light patterns that reveal the natural movement of the elements by simply pushing the light around.

Powerful Images from the Wildlife Photographers of the Year

This week the Natural History Museum in London will hold the ceremony to announce the winners of the Wildlife Photographers of the Year. The winning images are powerful reminders of life beyond cell phones, Facebook, and other daily routines we have become accustomed to. Notably, some of the most impressive categories are from those not even old enough to drive.

Tree Speed's Time Lapse Tour In Utah

Django Greenblatt-Seay and JJ Dreier joined together to form Tree Speed, self proclaimed as "A of couple of Mid-Western guys who spend vacation time traveling the country shooting time lapse photography."

Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, the duo recently took to the road and self produced a 10 day trip to Utah to create a series of time lapse videos. In order of appearance, the team shot in Latuda, Utah (a ghost town), Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Lake Oahe.

Shoot Above The Fog To Make Your Photos Look Dreamy

Many times having heavy fog outside means you can't really shoot much - it's hard to see anything and it's uncontrollable (unlike fog/smoke machines). But what happens if you decide to change your angle of shooting and go above the fog? taking a car to a nearby mountain or going on a tall skyscraper will give you a unique angle and view over the city where you can shoot great images of the city covered with clouds, images that not too many others have in their book. Here are some of the best Flickr photos of cities covered by fog. Enjoy!

The Department of Interior Lists Job for a New Ansel Adams

If you have ever learned anything about the history of photography, chances are you have at least heard the name Ansel Adams. Adams was a landscape photographer who worked with the U.S. Department of Interior to capture images of the national parks. He is most well-known for his work with large format monochrome landscape imagery. Recently, the Department of Interior has posted a job opening that would allow someone to follow in Adams' footsteps.

10 Tips and Inspiration for Photographing Mushrooms

During autumn, mushrooms are appearing everywhere. These fungi are welcome subjects for the nature photographer and it can be a challenging task to photograph mushrooms in an interesting way. I have gathered some tips that can help and for some inspiration.

Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints

Hunters shoot and kill wildlife. But watch what happens when this hunter puts down a rifle, trades bullets for an SD card, picks up a camera, and starts taking a different approach to shooting.

This Belongs On Your Bucket List of Things to Photograph

Every so often you come across a photo, stare and then boldly exclaim, "I will photograph that someday!" For instance my photography bucket list has on it shooting the Holi Festival in India, Pingxi Lanterns in Taiwan, La Tomatina in Spain and just recently I added light painting with the spectacular Bioluminescent plankton that emit a bright glowing blue color in the ocean water.

Photographers Who Found Nemo And Photographed It

The Clown Fish wasn't always a famous fish that people recognize or know about, but thanks to Pixar and Disney, it became one of the most popular fish in the world. Visually of course, not on the plate. 'Nemo' is a bright orange fish with 3 white stripes. Easy to recognize, and great to photograph. The Clown Fish spends most of the day hiding in and around sea anemones, which make the photographs look even more epic. Check out these awesome photos of Nemo found on Flickr.

How to Create Unique Waterfall Photography

A dramatically cascading waterfall is one of the most iconic scenes that can be captured by a nature photographer — by any photographer. Here are some tips to get the most out of such a scene, no matter the scale of your subject.

5 Tips for Better Landscape and Nature Photography

You could spend a lifetime out in nature with your camera and still barely scratch the surface of what is out there to photograph. If you would like to improve your landscape and nature photography, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features five helpful tips that will improve your work and expand your creative palette.