The Truth About Food Styling Hack Videos

Every now and then a video seems to explode over YouTube. More recently this has been the food styling hacks tutorials. Here are some myth busting facts.

There Is More to Natural Light Images Than Just Natural Light

Want to know a secret? You know those images that look like they’re all natural light? Well, lots of the images are produced using some sort of flash or second light source. The flash isn’t used to replace the natural light, but rather to complement the natural light and fill in where that natural light just can’t pull its weight.

What Equipment Do Commercial Photographers Use?

Making the move to being pro is fraught with the anxieties of not having the right equipment. So what equipment do commercial photographers use? Being a commercial photographer is pretty much as vague a job description as being an administrative assistant.

Foodim: A New Photo App for Food Lovers

Are you a food photographer or enthusiast looking for a friendly online community to edit, post, and share your food photographs? A newly launched app Foodim offers you to escape the politicization of Instagram and Facebook, and focus on what's important to you: food.

Essential Gear for Getting Started in Food Photography

Food photography is a dark art and there seems to be an infinite number of tips and tricks to get the best results. Food photographer Skyler Burt has put together a list of six essential bits of gear that he takes on every single shoot, and some of them might surprise you.

Two Tricks to Help With Food Photography

Lighting is key in all aspects of photography and shooting food photography isn't any different. The goal is still to capture the food in the best way, and lighting can help. What can you do to help make your food photography look even better?

How to Deal With Silverware Reflections in Food Photography

Silverware can be really pretty, but it can also be a complete pain in the you know what when it comes time to photograph it. This great video tutorial will give you numerous helpful tips to deal with distracting reflections on silverware.

Use Food to Help Master Composition in Your Photography

Composition can be one of the hardest aspects of photography to master. Rule of thirds, leading lines, rule of odds, and frame within the frame are just a few of the many composition techniques. Some are easy to understand and comprehend while others are a bit more difficult. This video from The Bite Shot provides an excellent, straightforward introduction to composition.

DIY Tips for Making Your Own Backgrounds

Does winter have you climbing the walls looking for something to do? Do you need some new or more interesting backgrounds for your food or product photography? Well then perhaps this DIY project is just the thing for you.

Three Simple Tips for Better Food Videos

Lately, I have been watching more food recipe videos. Some of them are well made and others are kind of boring and flat. What can you do to make sure your videos are not the latter?

Check Out These Secrets Photographers Use to Make Food Look Awesome

Any burger advertisement makes it seem like, for just a couple of bucks, you’ll get a juicy stack of meat piled high with vegetables on a crisp bun. Reality never meets expectations, of course, and so, if you’re wondering why your limp burger with wilted vegetables never looks like that advertisement, this video will show you why.

Eight Tips on Placing Utensils in Food Photography

After building up a scene in your food photography, do you find yourself questioning where to place the utensils in the shot? Maybe the silverware ends up looking awkward or out of place in your shot. Don't get frustrated; here are eight simple tips on where to place them.