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2.29 - "Needs Work" 

There was a circus school in my city for a while, and they accepted that I use one of their big top to set up a shooting.
But their were in my city only for a short time ... and it was a really cold winter ... so the shooting was a bit extreme for the model ! We did it as short as possible and ended up with the model and the make-up artist under a blanket with warm chocolate to regain a few ° !

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1 Comment

As I wrote in the comment section during last contest. I proclaimed that one should write a comment when one give 1 or 2 stars.

I truly think that constructive criticism, in the form of a comment give you, the photographer, more to continue to improve on than a certain number of stars does. :)

- - -

The first thing is the watermark. It doesn't fit on a photograph if it's not sent as a selection to a customer.

When working on a set with a lot of different props it's always a good idea to do a pre-shoot at a different location, with a model or friend to try out some poses and light setups on a swing.

The photograph seems cluttered and I'm not really sure where you want my attention to be directed. Now the objects stand out as important as the model.