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Spunky the kitten

I was as my local shelter yesterday taking my usual pro bono portraits of the new animals. This little guy - Spunky - really stole my heart. He got his name as he was the runt of the litter and not expected to survive, but he was "spunky" and beat all the odds.

As I was standing next to the raised bed he was sleeping on trying to get a...

Shooting into the sun

I'd like to redo that shot as attached and I'd be grateful for hints and reports about your experiences what to expect.

I already managed to get that shot more or less but I want the sun slightly lower behind that building. The constellation only happens four times a year (there's a second location to shoot from). I had...

Keep studying hard

While I was on holiday in Miami, I met this extremely beautiful Russian model Margarita. She lived near Miami Beach, so we agreed to do beach photo shoot and we did. Second day we were supposed to do the pool shoot, but it was raining so we decided to stay inside and study.

This is shot in natural light, she was sitting in front of...

When all is right

As we are still in summer it is probably a horrible thing to dig into the archive/portfolio and pick out a photo from October landscape. This is taken at the Maridalen lake (maridalsvannet) which is the main drinking water source for Oslo, the capitol of Norway. I was standing on the other side of the water with a 300mm telephoto lens on my...

Getting Sharp Images of Birds In Flight

Since I started posting images of soaring Andean condors and swooping eagles from my recent trip to Patagonia Chile and Argentina, a lot of people have asked me how it was that I got such sharp shots trying to follow a fast bird in flight.

If I had to sum up the answer in a nutshell, I'd say it in two words: animal behavior. Yes, of...