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Folds & Creases

More than a year ago, I visited this fantastic corner of the Xove coast for the first time.

Although the place is incredible, the sky was completely clear and not a single cloud made an appearance. The frustration of making the trip there and encountering this situation prevented me from taking photos.

A few days ago we decided to return after making sure that there were more friendly conditions for photography.

My memories had not failed me, the place was still absolutely stunning and this time the sky was full of clouds (maybe too many clouds 😁). In addition, the sea was quite rough, there was high tide and the waves continually hit the rocks producing thunderous roars.

The whimsical and unique shapes of these rocks are truly fascinating. The sea, the waves and the wind have been sculpting those magnificent granite rock formations over the centuries. All these folds and creases give it the appearance of sheets of paper and that is why this place is called Acantilados de Papel (Paper Cliffs).

Looking forward to visiting this place again to admire its beauty and seek new perspectives!

Canon 5D Mark IV
50mm · f/8.0 · 1/1s · ISO 400
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