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Funambulist's Star Shine

Few weeks back, we ventured to the renowned Cliffs of Paper, a place with endless possibilities. Just days later, I realized while reviewing that day's session that I had overlooked this gem.
The framing is quite similar, but in this case, the sunstar shines even more brilliantly.

I seized the stormy afternoon with its moody weather to revisit some 5DayDeal courses and acquire new techniques to enrich my workflow.

I wanted to feature the iconic and widely recognized rock known as 'The Sail' (although I like to call it 'The Funambulist'), the myriad of textures, folds, and crevices in the foreground rocks, the cliffs, and the sunstar that painted the sky with a radiant touch, adding a new layer of enchantment to the scene.

The sky was truly something special, and the more I look at it, the more I appreciate its beauty!

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