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Golden Twilight Waters

Yesterday, we ventured to the well-known Playa de las Catedrales in Mariña Lucense, seizing the moment as the tide receded while the sun bid its farewell.

As I explored for fresh perspectives, my attention was captivated by a small "stream" creating a mini waterfall between the rocks and sand with each return of the tide. From this point, I worked on the composition, arranging every element: the legendary arch in the background, rocks forming diagonals, and capturing the precise moment of water creating the cascade.

Luck was on our side with favorable weather conditions. The sunset painted the clouds and beach in golden hues, elevating the scene to a magical spectacle. Every detail aligned to craft a really beautiful moment.

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muy guapa Alvaro , preciosa

Muchas gracias compañero!

A wonderful landscape photo. I really like the image design. The picture captivates with its beautiful mood. Greetings Herbert

Thank you Herbert! The sky conditions were really amazing!