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Serpentine Sunstar

Last week, we revisited Campelo Beach, a place I've explored countless times, yet it never ceases to offer fresh perspectives and captivating compositions.

Awaiting me there was the "Sleeping Dragon," a rock I've affectionately named for its resemblance to a dragon lying on the sand, embraced by the advancing waves as the tide rises.

I decided to put my Irix 21mm Dragonfly to the test, equipped with a new adapter that allowed me to attach 105mm circular filters, finally enabling the use of a polarizer with this lens. With a not too dramatic sky, I decided to use Photopills to plan where the sun would set, strategically placing it within my composition alongside the dragon's tail to create a beautiful sunstar.

This endeavor also allowed me to explore the Irix 21mm Dragonfly's capabilities in creating a sunstar. The result is a distinctive photograph that, while different, resonates with a unique charm.

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