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The Old Beech

In the heart of the Otzarreta Forest stands a truly iconic beech tree, its vibrant green leaves a testament to the full bloom of spring. This majestic tree, with its sprawling branches and ancient presence, brings to mind the legendary Ents of Tolkien's world, particularly the wise and venerable Treebeard.

Equipped with the TTArtisan 11mm Fisheye, generously lent to me by Laura, I tried to capture this tree from a fresh perspective. The fisheye lens allowed me to experiment with new compositions, emphasizing the tree's grandeur and the lush, enveloping foliage that resembles the mystical aura of the Old Forest. I played with the tree's roots in the foreground, using them to anchor the composition and add depth to the scene. This lens brought a unique curvature and depth to the scene, highlighting the beech's towering presence and the forest's enchanting, almost otherworldly atmosphere.

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