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Photoshop Mastery: Advanced Masking with Ben Willmore

As you know, Ben Willmore's 3-day workshop on Lightroom is currently LIVE right now on creativeLIVE, but on Sunday January 20, he'll be going at it again for a fourth round teaching us how to master Photoshop! In this workshop Ben will be teaching how to apply adjustments to limited areas, and techniques for removing the background of fuzzy, furry, or hairy subjects. He'll also teach you how to remove the background from trees, glass, and other transparent objects.

Learn Filmmaking & Editing with Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow

Starting Monday January 14 at 9am, creativeLIVE is hosting 3 days of non-stop information for anyone who is interested in learning about filmmaking and editing. Taught by Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow, you'll come out of this class with the skills to produce web commercials, wedding, birth, family and event films. So whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or a photographer you won't want to miss out on this FREE event.

Learn To Make Interactive PDFs with Jason Hoppe!

Starting tomorrow January 12 at 9am creativeLIVE will host Adobe certified expert, Jason Hoppe as he teaches everything you need to know to make an interactive PDF. In this 2-day workshop, Jason will show you how to create forms, use calculations and JavaScript, distribute PDFs, create hyperlinks and bookmarks, and how to embed files in your PDF. As a photographer, this is a very helpful tool to have in your back pocket and you'll impress your clients at the same time.

How To Build A Profitable Portrait Studio

Starting tomorrow Friday January 4 - January 6, photographer Bambi Cantrell will be sharing helpful tips that can help elevate your portrait photography career. Hosted by creativeLIVE, this workshop will be take place at Bambi's studio in San Francisco. Throughout the 3 days, Bambi will cover how to create stunning backdrops, find inexpensive props, create a strong marketing brand, print images in-house, as well as hair and makeup.

Happy Holidays from Fstoppers!

We are all at home visiting our families right now but we just wanted to wish all of our readers and fans a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! We're going on almost three years strong now and are so lucky to have such a strong group of creative people that continue to support what we're doing. You can look forward to not only to the release of the most thorough Wedding DVD you'll ever watch, but more FS originals (it's about time, right?).

Images of Women Forced To Live As Men

Jill Peters' project, Sworn Virgins of Albania features women who chose to live their entire lives as males in order to avoid the oppressive laws of the Kanun. In the Balkans, women are considered to be property of their husbands, which means women basically are not allow to do anything freely. The freedom to drive, earn their own money, drink, smoke or even swear are all foreign concepts to them. As young girls, they are forced to get married to much much older men. To fight this, they only had one option - to live their lives as men.

How To Build Your Own Camera Shoulder Rig

This Do-It-Yourself equipment video by Jay P Morgan of The Slanted Lens features Cinematographer Lars Lindstrom as he shows us how easy it is to build your own camera shoulder rig. To make this rig all you'll need is some standard PVC piping and a few other items from your home-improvement store. If you're in a bind and can quite afford one of the more expensive rigs, this is a great alternative for just under $10.

Tips On How To Improve Your Digital Workflow

Starting tomorrow at 9AM, photographer Eddie Tapp will be teaching how to create a new digital workflow. He will be going over something that photographers often struggle; color management. Join Eddie as he teaches insider techniques for processing images in Lightroom as well as creative portrait enhancements. In addition, be sure to catch portrait artist Judy Host on the second day as she will be hosting a special session on how to incorporate graphics and textures into your work.

Free Workshop On How To Be More Efficient

If you suffer from self-diagnosed A.D.D like most creative professionals, then you need to tune into this free workshop with Jared Platt. From the moment you book the job to the final delivery of the images, Jared will show you efficient techniques that will help improve your workflow. This 3-day workshop starts tomorrow December 6th - December 8th at 9AM. As with all creativeLIVE workshops, the LIVE event is FREE.

Learn How To Balance a Setting Sun With Strobes

In this video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P Morgan shows us a behind the scenes look at how you can achieve that colorful, rich-looking sunset. This is a technique that is a must if you do any type of portraiture or wedding photography. Your clients will be really happy with the results, not to mention it will look great in your portfolio. This photo shoot is for writer, Robert L. Harding's novel titled, Death of the Wayang.

Painful Images of Shark Trading in the Arabian Sea

As a resident of a coastal town, I can’t imagine what it would be like if this were happening here. This past summer a friend of mine took me fishing, not for nourishment but for the experience and I ended up catching a baby shark (don't worry, I threw him back in). The whole experience was pretty amazing. Then back in October I got scuba certified and got to “swim with the fishies.” So when I saw these images taken by Thomas P. Peschak for TIME Magazine of the shark trading business, I was shocked.