How the Ways We Simulate Sex on Screen Are Evolving

It is a strange thing when you think about it: films have long had fight and stunt coordinators to make the simulation of violence and dangerous situations both look realistic on screen and to protect the actors involved in the scenes. Yet, simulating sexual scenes is often done without expertise and often in very inappropriate ways that can and have seriously affected those involved. Here is how that is changing for the better.

Do You Really Need That Fast, Expensive Lens?

We all love to drool over those beautiful, fast (and oh so expensive) f/1.2 and f/1.4 lenses. But do you really need that top shelf glass, or would you be better served by saving your money and investing in a cheaper version? This great video talks about some of the more intangible facets of lenses and why it's about more than just the widest apertures.

Go Behind the Scenes With a Wedding Photographer and Off Camera Flash

Weddings are a nonstop whirlwind of technical and creative challenges, and the more knowledge and tricks you can have for both categories, the better. This awesome video follows a photographer behind the scenes at a wedding and focuses on his use of off camera flash to help you learn how to quickly and effectively turn dull and drab lighting into professional images no matter where you're shooting.