The Power of Local Adjustments in Lightroom

Most of the time, we think of Lightroom as a place for cataloging and global edits, but it also has some great local adjustment capabilities that can really put the finishing touches on an image. This excellent video will show you how to take advantage of those local adjustment features to improve your landscape images.

12 Fantastic Tips for Foggy Forest Photography

Foggy forest photos are a beautiful and ethereal interplay between the sharp, defined, and intricate lines and geometry of trees and the nebulous fog. With the challenging conditions, they can be a bit tricky to shoot, however, but this great video will give you a wide range of helpful tips to get fantastic shots.

How to Get Lots of Looks Out of Just One Lighting Setup

Artificial lighting can open up a wide world of creative possibilities and looks not possible with just natural light, but it can also be a bit tedious to work with when you have to set up more complex designs. So, why not maximize the number of looks you can get out of one lighting setup? This excellent video will show you how to get lots of different shots without changing the setup.