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BTS Of Victoria's Secret Incredible Bra

Today we have not one but THREE behind the scenes videos for the latest Victoria's Secret television ad Incredible. The first one shows the scope of the production from the perspective of the models. You can also see how well these new bras fit and why they are so incredible. The second one was edited by FS reader and film maker Adam Boozer who shot a short ad for Verizon showcasing production designer Jeffrey Beecroft. Adam's video is about how Jeffrey uses his cell phone to show art directors different sets, ideas, and locations around the world. Finally, the third is from Ed Razek who is the chief creative officer at Victoria's Secret. There is a little bit to take from all of these and you can watch the final commercial on TV or in the full post. <

Verizon Wireless - White Bay Victoria Secret Shoot from Jewell&Ginnie on Vimeo.

The iPhone 4 Fashion Shoot?

Cris Matthews just sent this video over to me. He did a few tests with the iPhone 4 and a ring light. He also used his iPad to review and edit the images. I have gota say, if I can easily and instantly view my shots on an iPad like they seem to be doing I will buy one tomorrow. - iPhone Fashion Shoot from Cris Matthews on Vimeo.

Contest Entry: Diana Deaver Shoots With Window Light

Diana Deaver is a talented photographer and good friend of mine from Charleston SC. A few weeks before the deadline she told me that she was working on a contest submission that would focus on natural lighting. Diana is a master of natural light and so I was very excited to see what she could come up with. Check out her very informatve video below. You don't need expensive gear to get quality images guys! <
Contest Entry:  Sans Talbot's Spitfire

As Lee has posted earlier, this week we are going to continue to feature some of our favorite BTS videos from the FS Contest. Austin, TX based photographer Sans Talbot really raised the bar on the contest when he filmed the shooting of his visual concept "Spitfire". This video is great on many levels but what I really love is the effort Sans puts into educating other photographers on how they too can get other creative professionals involved in their photoshoots. Sans also goes into great detail about how he combined multiple images to create one large file for his final rendering. Enjoy. <
Contest Entry:  Sean Armenta Deconstructs A Beauty Shot

We knew there were going to be a lot of last minute contest videos submitted but never would we have thought this many of you would have waited until the last minute. I want to thank everyone for participating but I'll give no sympathy to those who lost lots of sleep this weekend trying to meet deadlines ha! Sean Armenta's BTS video is the latest of the last minute entries, and in it he shows how you can create clean and professional beauty shots just like you seen the pages of women's magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Glamour. All of this was also done with just one light which should help those of you on a budget. Check out Sean's website as well since he has some amazing photos in his portfolio!

Sean Armenta | One Light Beauty Setup from Sean Armenta on Vimeo.

Contest Entry: Lorand Peli Puts Models On Lava

Ok, not REALLY, but that was the concept for the shoot. I like this BTSV for 2 reasons. First, he has a concept. So many photographers just take headshots of girls and forget about coming up with any sort of idea or theme for the pictures. Lorand Peli planned this shoot out before he ever started and it shows. The second reason I really like this video is because the finished pictures are high quality. I have seen a few contest submissions where the concept is fantastic but the finished product falls short. Enjoy this BTSV while trying not to feel dirty with all of the "interesting camera angles." <
Lady Gaga for Rolling Stone Magazine

Love her or hate her, you have to admit Lada Gaga is a breath of fresh air when it comes to being creative with her music videos and photoshoots. When it comes to going all out in both production and creative thinking, Lada Gaga is always an inspiration. In this video you can see just how many looks she goes through to find a compelling image for the cover. And I'm sure the "throw away" images made some pretty good article photos as well.
Giuliano Bekor shoots BeBe campaign at World Cup

If you aren't familiar with fashion photography, Giuliano Bekor is one of the top photographers in the industry. Watch as Giuliano demonstrates the correct way to jump after a soccer ball while wearing ridiculous fashion clothing. We also featured another BeBe fashion shoot he did with crazy African animals that you should probably check out after watching this photoshoot. I figured this was an appropriate post for Monday since Spain just wrapped up the World Cup yesterday (and it seems I dropped the ball on my earlier post today).<
The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris

A few weeks ago I did a full fashion photo shoot with my iPhone 3gs. I posted a few of the images and asked people to critique them (never exposing that they were shot on my cell phone). I couldn't help but laugh when a few of our readers claimed that these were "the best images I had ever taken." Nobody ever claimed that they were too grainy, too soft, or lacked detail. View this full post to read the full story and see the high res shots from this photoshoot. ><
Hair-stylist Sam McKnight shows how to properly fan hair

In this video photographer Ayaad Damouni and world renowned hair-stylist Sam McKnight work on a photoshoot for Hia Magazine. Ayaad doesn't share a lot of photography tips in this video but it is still fun to watch. Also, watch Sam as he works with the models helping them add some movement to their hair. I think he's using a big Bowens Jet Stream Wind Machine and probably just photoshops out the strays. Very clean shoot and it looks like the lighting is pretty minimal. Enjoy
Annie Leibovitz photographs Keith Richards

I'm a big fan of Annie Leibovitz's photography (who isn't), and a few weeks ago I was admiring this photograph she did of Keith Richards for Louis Vuitton. I was really happy when I found a short behind the scenes video of it via Strobist even though the quality is really poor. Click the post to view the final image and hopefully you can see how relatively simple this photoshoot was in lighting. It's the overall production and attention to detail that really makes this image so awesome.
Fstoppers Original: Eric Bradshaw Revisited

Back when Lee and I started the idea of Fstoppers, we contacted a few friend photographers of ours to see if they would allow us to film some of their shoots for our Behind the Scenes website idea. We first featured Eric Bradshaw's beach shoot at launch but I figured I'd post the second video as well. This video was the 2nd BTS video I ever edited and I hope you can draw some inspiration for your own behind the scenes videos. Watching Eric work is also pretty inspiring too! Enjoy this video from the FS vaults. ><
Heidi Klum takes you BTS on a German Vogue shoot

I have learned that there is often a lot to be gained by watching people being creative rather than simply being shown an interesting lighting setup or cool new technical gadget. This video will teach you nothing about lighting or photography in general but it gives you a good glimpse on how two of the industry's top creative people (Heidi Klum and Alexi Lubomirski ) come together to produce something really interesting. Click here to see the final photos (editorial/german vogue/2009/Heidi) along with some other amazing photographs.


Marc & Louis Photography Storyboard their bloody shoots

I was sent this video by Marie-Louise Cadosch of Marc & Louis Photography based out of Switzerland, and I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail in their planning and preproduction. Their behind the scenes video "Bleed Like Me" is gruesome and not for the faint of heart but I doubt you have seen anything like it. And if you are thinking about our DSLR Contest, you may find some editing tricks for your own video. Click the link to find out how they shot and filmed this series. <
Giuliano Bekor puts models near lions in the name of Fashion

Giuliano Bekor is a famous fashion photographer who has had various covers of Vogue, Elle, and Bazaar to name just a few. Today he takes us to "Africa" where BeBe is doing their summer 09 catalog with wild elephants, lions, and giraffes. This video is crazy but totally awesome! ><
Fstoppers Original: King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week

Last month Patrick and I had the unique opportunity to follow Todd and Reese of King Street Studios around as they shot Charleston Fashion Week. Not only did they get the standard runway shots, they also setup a small studio backstage and shot amazing portraits of the models right before they were rushed onto the runway. You are about to be blown away by what is possible with a single light.<
Carsten Fleck shoots Carol Hannah's first bridal collection

Carsten Fleck teams up with Project Runway finalist Carol Hannah to shoot her very first bridal collection. Click on the post for more details about how he shot this series.

Carol Hannah Bridal Spring/Summer 2011 from Fina TV on Vimeo.

Matt Hawthorne shoots fashion in a haunted hotel

Matt Hawthorne is a talented photographer based out of Dallas Texas who has a very wide range of genres in his portfolio. Today he is shooting a fashion spread inside a haunted hotel. Click on the link to read some of the back story and the gear he used to take these photos.

Matt Hawthorne Photography Baker Hotel Mineral Wells Fashion Photo Shoot from Matt Hawthorne on Vimeo.

Michelle Moore's Salt&Prep Spring shoot

At the young age of 25, professional photographer Michelle Moore is producing some really amazing images. Check out her latest project and click the link to read about how she photographed these editorial fashion images for Salt&Prep
How To Shoot Stills Like A Bond Movie (Or The Avengers)

Marie-Louise Cadosch of Marc and Louis Photography has put together an amazing Bond-like photoshoot. Ater you check out their BTS video you can head on over to their website: <
The Bui Brothers Shoot Justine Ezarik At Night

It's not often that we see photoshoots taking place a night. After you watch the Bui Brothers knock this shoot out, head over to there blog to view the stills from the shoot here. Justine Ezarik Photos – iJustine Photoshoot behind the scenes video from The Bui Brothers on Vimeo.
Miami Photographer Andres Hernandez Shoots A Spring Collection

Miami photographer Andres Hernandez shoots natural light catalog images for Extyn Italy. He also manages to include some really cool video in his latest behind the scenes film.

Extyn Italy / Behind the scenes photoshoot from Andres Hernandez on Vimeo.

Aaron Nace's latest concept shoot is top notch

I just recieved a tip from one of our readers to check out Aaron's blog. I am so glad I did because not only is his photography fantastic; his behind the scenes videos are also interesting and informative. Check out his last shoot in the woods and then head on over to his website here. Behind the Scenes - Baxter from Aaron Nace on Vimeo.
Mick Gleissner Takes Us Underwater

Mick Gleissner has been featured in Elle, Maxim, Seaster, and Photo Magazine with his surreal underwater fashion images. This is one of the coolest videos I've personally watched and hope you guys enjoy it as well. Maybe our own Fstoppers writer Lee Morris can take a note or two out of MG's book of tricks.

Mick Gleissner's Underwater Photography from Mick Gleissner on Vimeo.

Glen Bowden Shoots Amanda Klaassen For Veve Swimwear

In this Video Glen Bowden knocks his Veve photoshoot out of the park. The video itself isn't extremely technical but it doesn't need to be because most of his shots were done completely with natural light! View the full post to read a message from Glen himself. View the finished shots at his website:

Behind the Scenes footage of the Veve Swimwear photoshoot from Glen Bowden on Vimeo.

Kesler Tran Builds A Set Out In The Desert

Some photographers think taking a pretty model out to a remote location will result in a great photograph. Others know they need to build a studio on location to create something even better. Watch what Kesler Tran does when out on a dried lake bed!<
Ramón Gellida's shoot was so long his model passed out 3 times

I was just given 2 video submissions from the fantastic fashion photographer Ramón Gellida. Check one out below and view the full post to see the second video and read a message from Ramón himself that includes techinical details and info about his 14 hour work day and fainting model.

Making of Wonderies - Lingerie from ramón gellida on Vimeo.

Jason Koontz shoots fashion photographer James Weber behind the scenes

Here is an example of a behind the scenes video that puts ours to shame. We love the editing as much as we love the final images. Check out the photographers unbelievable portfolio here and check out Jason's video portfolio reel here. Fashion Shoot: Behind the Scenes from Jason Koontz on Vimeo.
Simon Gerzina Shoots Ford Models

I just ran across Simon's website and was extremely impressed with his work. I got my hands on a behind the scenes video of one of his fashion shoots and since it doesn't have much technical info I asked Simon to write a few paragraphs about it. View the full post to read more about the technical side of what he does.

Fashion shoot with Ford Models from Simon Gerzina on Vimeo.

Eric Bradshaw Goes All Out With His Island Fashion Shoot

Our good friend Eric Bradshaw told us about a shoot he had in the works and we knew that we had to document it. An island, a team of 15, and 5 beautiful models... What more could you ask for. More info and a youtube version after the jump. ><
Patrick And I go to Las Vegas/Shoot In A $15,000 Per Night Penthouse

I am not a rich man, and even if I was I never see myself dropping $15,000 to stay in a hotel room for one night. However, if I happened to meet someone that wanted to give it to me for free you better believe I would stay there, and set up a photoshoot. And that is exactly what happened. Click on this post to see a second video of us talking about the shoot afterwards.
Behind The Mask Photography:  Glasspass Behind the Scenes

Marie-Louise Cadosch of Behind the Mask Photography is not your average run of the mill photographer. Her background as a fashion stylist seems to play a huge roll in creating a classy mood in her photographs. In her Glasspass behind the sceens video, Marie-Louise spares no effort on the production end and the images are great because of it. I love photographers who work with a large team of creative professionals, and you can really tell they add so much to overall mood of these images. It also looks like she gives a little Ode to the Kill Bill / Sin City movies without making it too obvious. Very cool shoot!

Glasspass Shooting - Behind The Scenes from Behind The Mask Photography on Vimeo.

Danica Patrick shoot for Shape Magazine

If you are like me you may have first come across Danica Patrick during the Superbowl for one of those ads. Most people probably know her best as an Indy Car racer or Nascar driver. Here she is in a behind the scenes video for the cover of Shape Magazine. This video has it all: Girls in bikinis, classic rock, large scrims, infinity pools, and lots of behind the scenes footage! Now only if we could have heard a little from the photographer during this really fun photoshoot.