Portraits of Refugees Grace Powerful UN Video

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has just released a campaign short based on the work of photographer Brian Sokol. In the brief production, A-listers such as Cate Blanchett, Kit Harington, and Neil Gaiman recite the rhythmic poem “What They Took With Them" by Jenifer Toksvig. The poem, along with the accompanying video and still imagery, urges us to sign the #WithRefugees petition to help ensure that refugees across the world have the basic necessities needed to rebuild their lives: education, a safe environment, and work opportunities.

Surreal 2016 Burning Man Photographs By Victor Habchy

Living in a world full of real problems and being a creative person is a challenge. It’s a big challenge until you step to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the annual Burning Man festival, where the world turns into the most surreal place you could ever imagine. This happened to photographer Victor Habchy and over 70,000 other people for the largest outdoor festival dedicated to "Da Vinci's Workshop" this year.

'Faceless, Forgotten,' A Photo Essay On The Refugee Crisis by Photographer and Storyteller Paul Choy

A photograph that does not tell a story, is a lifeless picture – it’s a failure to capture the viewer and therefore, his heart. One single photograph can inspire a person if a photographer knows how to tell a good story. Because photographer Paul Choy wanted to find out the truth for himself behind media headlines, and because he wanted to tell the individual stories of each refugee, he set out for the refugees’ camps in Calais and Greece with his camera. The result is the ‘Faceless, Forgotten’ – a photo essay and a documentary about the struggles of refugees.

Five Tips to Help You Better Capture Emotions and Moments

Capturing emotion is not an easy task. It requires being in the center of the action and perfect timing to press the shutter. But that is not it. Creating moving images are more demanding than just placement and synchronization. Famous sport and music photographer Michael Zagaris joins Marc Silber on "Advancing Your Photography" and gives us his essential tips to come up with touching pictures.

LA Times Photographer Captures Stunning 8x10 Portraits of US Olympic Athletes

In the world of newspaper photographers, you'd be hard to find someone consistently making more exciting and interesting portraits than Jay L. Clendenin. You might have seen his Land Camera Polaroid images from the Toronto International Film Festival, or his 4x5 black and white/digital color diptychs of California Olympians. For this year's Olympics, he decided to go even bigger and bring out his 8x10 Tachihara view camera to capture some amazing photos of American athletes.

Photographer Loses Business After Shooting Trump

If you had the opportunity to shoot a presidential nominee for a year knowing that the rest of your photography business would die, would you take it? Ray Reynolds of RAYzor’s Edge photography did. He’s been shooting Donald Trump for the past year after a fellow photographer invited him to shoot an event last August. Reynolds seems thrilled about the chance to shoot these historical campaign events, but laments “My photography business is dead... Nobody will use me for photography now.” Well that’s a shame for Ray, especially if Trump loses.

This Powerful Photograph Represents an Entire Movement

The recent fatal shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge has sparked numerous protests and calls for change, fueled all the more by other recent high-profile cases. In particular, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained more and more traction. One photographer took a remarkable image that helps capture the current climate surrounding police and race relations in the United States.