Behind the Scenes on 'Scenic Silhouettes' as Photographer Miles Holden Goes Back to the Basics

New Zealand Photographer Miles Holden has plenty of options when it comes to diverse landscapes at his disposal. In this series called "Scenic Silhouettes," Holden wanted to focus on a more simplistic, quieter series of images of bike riding, set against a stunning landscape. This behind-the-scenes video takes you helicopter-hopping around diverse topography of New Zealand with Holden during his project.

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Craig Kolesky Shooting Skiing and Biking in the African Desert

It can be a real creative challenge to try and concept, as well as execute, something that has never been done before, especially in photography. Adventure photographer Craig Kolesky accepted that challenge and ended up in the desert of Namibia, with two unlikely athletes for such a location. I asked Craig a few questions about this project that he shot for Red Bull Photography.

SmugMug Film Follows Adventure Photographer Tim Kemple Capturing Ice Climbers in Iceland

SmugMug teamed up with adventure photographer Tim Kemple and traveled out to Iceland with a couple of athletes in search of ice climbing and photographic opportunities unlike any that have been captured before. This film gives the viewer insight into Tim's process, but also captures the landscape and action very elegantly. This film blurs the line between behind-the-scenes, adventure film, and short documentary.

16-Year-Old Photographer Shoots Flash Photos Inside Waves

Leroy Bellet is a 16-year-old freelance surf photographer from Australia who has recently been featured in several major surf publications because of his experimentation with artificial lighting in the water. Using a flash in the water allows the subject to still be illuminated while taking advantage of times when the natural light is most unique, like early morning, sunset, and night. We recently got the chance to talk to Leroy and learn a little bit about him and his technique.

BTS: Go Behind the Epic Technicolor Mountain Biking Production of 'DARKLIGHT'

Last year, Sweetgrass Productions made an incredible skiing short film, "Afterglow," which they followed up last month with "Darklight," its mountain-biking equivalent. Right away, one of the film's main intents is to blast you with color. Entire mountainsides have bright, neon-colored hues cast over them as bikers bomb down them through lime-green forests and over deep orange-magenta ravines, all in the middle of the night.

You Might Not Need Lightning-Fast Memory Cards, But They're Not All-Gimmick

You, me, and the rest of them, we've all wondered why people are so infatuated with lightning-fast memory cards. Sure, it's great to bump up the speed so your camera can shoot relatively quickly and to enable fast transfers to the computer or backup drives. But at the end of the day, most of us have settled our minds on the idea that we really don't need more than 90MB/s cards. 100MB/s is that sweet spot that seems to be the limit of necessity (and reasonable prices). But a new video shows us why new formats, like the XQD card, and the faster speeds that come with it are actually useful in a real-world scenario (for some people).

The Awesome Story Behind the Best Photo of One of the Greatest Jumps in History

David Davis is one of the top photography writers ever. He has an astonishing talent for telling the story behind some of the most memorable sports photos of our time, including the shot of Brandi Chastain ripping off her jersey after scoring the winning goal at the 1999 Women's World Cup, of Kathrine Switzer running the Boston Marathon, and "the Photo That Took Surfing Worldwide". He's back again with another riveting piece that tells the story of the photographer who photographed one of the greatest long jumps of all time.

Professional NFL Photographer Captures Prime Time Game with iPhone 6s Plus

Recently our own Lee Morris shot a model photoshoot entirely with an iPhone 6s Plus, showing that with proper lighting technique, a good model, and proficient use of editing software, you can obtain professional looking results with even the most humble of cameras. Andrew Weber, a professional sports photographer, decided to take it one step further by capturing the unpredictable environment of a primetime NFL game with only his iPhone 6s Plus in hand. Weber was kind enough to answer some of our questions and provide a great sampling of his photos from the shoot.

As Dirt Falls From the Sky Like Snow, These Mountain Bikers Get to Experience an UnReal Dirt Blizzard

During the winter months, snowboarders and skiers dream of those big powder days, where a storm leaves the mountain covered in a soft blanket of snow that’s perfect for riding. During the summer months though, mountain bikers have never been able to experience anything that can truly match a mountain that's freshly covered in snow. Until one day at Whistler Blackbomb mountain, when dirt literally fell from the skies to create the very first dirt blizzard.

Retouching Monday - Submit Your Image to be Retouched for Free!

This week we get to look at yet another style of retouch, a sports styled image. Each genre, weather it be fashion, beauty, landscape, or sports is going to have different parameters to follow and slightly different goals to achieve. With a female athlete it can be particularly tricky, because it can be challenging to find the line between doing to much or not enough especially as it come to skin retouching. In this post we will look at some of the steps and tricks used in this particular image that can be applied to your own sport retouch. We will also take a look at what else can be done to this image.

Behind the Scenes Mountain Bike Photography Shoot Uses Elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Night

Every year Crankworx holds a Mountain bike event in Whistler, Canada that is a combination of downhill, slope-style and enduro competitions. They also host the Deep Summer Photo Challenge, where they put six photographers head to head, with the challenge to build a slide show that showcases mountain bike culture within Whistler. Watch this behind the scenes from Laurence Crossman Emms, as he explains the thought process behind his slide show that later becomes the viewers’ favorite.

See How Photojournalist Dirk Shadd Captures Hockey Action

Check out this video by ​Monica Herndon which features Florida-based, Tampa Bay Times, photojournalist Dirk Shadd as he sets up to shoot a hockey game. When talking about the his use of remotes Dirks says, "… they’re kind of two purposes. One is that it’s a really graphic really clean angle and that’s what I like most about it but it also kind of a back up. If I get blocked on a shot or if I miss a shot or I don’t have a shot there is a chance I will have it from the remote. So you kind of do it a little bit out of creative artistic excitement and a little bit out of photos self defense".

HAZMAT Surfing Photos Raise Awareness of Contaminated Oceans
Michael Dyrland is a photographer based out of Washington. On a trip to Los Angeles for a shoot, Michael was hoping to score some classic California days and get into the ocean for some epic surf. The conditions Michael encountered were not exactly what he had hoped for, following and evening of heavy rainfall, he was confined to the beach for several days because the ocean was contaminated with ten billion gallons of run off. As Michael puts it, the contamination was composed of “sewage, garbage, oil, and shit (literally, human fecal matter).” Michael made the decision not to paddle out to avoid being vulnerable to staph infections, respiratory illness, MRSA and Hepatitis C.