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Favorite Photo from June!!

This is probably one of my favorite shots from this past month. It took a little trial-and-error to figure out how to make this location work the way I wanted it to.

I ended up falling completely into the river, fortunately the camera was sitting safe on the shoreline. But after falling in, and sitting up to my shoulders in the water, I...

West Coast, New Zealand

It's been a while since I've done a swimsuit session on a beach. Having recently purchased a Godox AD600, I though I'd give it a spin and see how it goes during hard lighting conditions (It's not so nice here, compared to the more softer tones, say in Europe). Anyways, this shot is just after the sun had set. Had to quickly fumble through...


I'm a big fan of the Dragonball Series. It was my introduction to anime and comics as a kid so I felt it was cool to show my appreciation and love for the series. I am the model and this is part of my creative portraits I do expressing my personality and skills. Hope you guys like it and feedback is welcomed

Too crazy?

This has been taken with a 16-35mm lens. My model is wearing no makeup and has had no colour put in her hair. I just pulled her off the couch. I have used a speed lite. The rest is PS. I would appreciate CC to know if its just too dramatic.

Reflections in Suru Valley

I welcome the group's comments and suggestions on this post. The picture was shot in Suru Valley, Ladakh, India. The whole day had been cloudy and dull, unusual for this time of the year at 10,000 feet up in the Suru Valley in the Himalayas. I decided to go for a quick bath in the chilly waters of a small offshoot of the Suru River. I was about...

Is This Sort of Work A Good Fit For This Group?

Most of my work is done at night, in the Hackensack Meadowlands or surrounding industrial areas, or else in the suburbs I grew up in. I consider it "fine art" because it's surely not commercial, and when I spent a weekend getting drunk with William Eggleston he said I was "doing well" with my photography, so ... that counts, right? (I also...


This is a shot at Vestrahorn mountain near Stoksness, Iceland. I took this in January 2017. The winter had been mild, and there hadn't been a lot of snow. We came back for a second day to shoot, and it had snowed a little the night before, and it looked like the mountain had a layer of powdered sugar on it. I was pretty pleased with the results...

Looking for feedback

Hey all,

I've recently gotten back into photography and love to photograph people. This is a shot for this morning I took that I'm looking for feedback on. I think it's a solid image but always looking to impove.

Canon 6D, Canon 135mm f/2 L, ISO 100, f/2, 1/500 w/off camera flash (don't remember what power).