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Wildlife photo feedback

I shared this image a while ago, on my profile, and it's been rated as "needs work". Now, I know this site is mostly visited by guys that want to be fashion photographers, and think nothing of spending hours in post on a single image so maybe it's not the best venue to look for feedback on a wildlife photo (personally, I loathe the idea of...

Portrait of us

Girlfriend's grandma has been asking for a photo of us for ages and as I'm usually taking pictures I don't often end up in front of the camera. We decided to do a photo for xmas for her and this is what we ended up with.

I'm not experienced with portraits so I mostly winged it.

Any critique on lighting or editing would be...

Photographers block

I seem to be struggling a bit lately, loads of near-misses etc. I think it's just the equivalent of writers block, but I'm not seeing it as a bad thing. The critiques I've been getting on here have been invaluable (thanks guys) and I've been reading lots about composition, lighting, post-processing techniques - basically going back to basics....

Portrait BnW Conversion

I've tried lots of different ways, plugins and tools to convert images to black and white.
Photoshop adjustment layer, Silver Efex Pro, etc.
Right now I'm very satisfied how Alienskin Exposure handles this step.

Last photo, converted with a customized preset.
You'll find some more on my portfolio page here at fstoppers...

EvoX Pic, growing on me.

Here is one picture that i didn't think of much but has grown on me since i have set it on my wallpaper at work.
As the time goes by, i keep finding little things that i can improve. Few things that annoy me is reflection in Mitsubishi emblem and how seal between bonnet and bumper is uneven- due to angle. Ill fix that when i get chance.

1st wedding - CC welcomed!

Hi All,

Just shot my 1st wedding last month - it was a very small wedding, but beautiful nevertheless. Here are some of my favorite photos. Appreciate if you could give me some feedback.
I do know that the "silhouette" one could be better because there's that window frame behind them, but there was no time to move the girls :(...

Fabio Wibmer

Hey Guys! I`m David from Austria. Last October i did a Shooting woth the austrian trail biker Fabio Wibmer. Here are some shots of that series.
Tell me what do you think about!

Traction on IG

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post in this group and I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading some of the posts. I am writing this because I am having a hard time gaining traction on Instagram. I just started my photography account 18 weeks ago and the biggest problem I am having is I will have several people with larger...