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introduction (new member)

Hi everyone,
I am a new member to this community. I am interested to learn and share my knowledge with the fellow wedding photographers here.

my work can be seen on


I am based in Adelaide, South Australia.


Koko Head Crater

Hello all! I am new to Fstoppers and decided to post my first post here.
I Hiked 1500 steps just to get this shot. It was 30 minutes past sunset and I think it still came out pretty decent. What do you guys think? I have a few more if you guys are interested to see.

Jeffrey Biri

Starry Mt. Fuji

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the fstoppers site, but have been watching on YT for several months. I'm an American living in Japan, and just got into photography about a year ago. Anyhoo, a couple days ago, I rented a car and drove to Yamanashi Prefecture, near Mt. Fuji. I was hoping to emulate one Elia Locardi's photos, except his was in spring with...

Gloomy morning

This shot was take on a gloomy day, dense fog, really nothing at all interesting to photograph, until I got to this partially frozen lake in the city park where I live in Norway. It actually would have been a interesting color photo but I was focused in making it into a B&W kind of fine art photo. What do you think?