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Composition & Cropping Suggestions

I was invited to shoot a charity golf tournament for work and this was the only photo from the day I liked but know it lacks something. Would it have benefited from simply following the rule of thirds or should I have done other adjustments. All criticisms are welcome. Thanks!

Environmental Portrait in Lancaster, PA

It was initially suppose to be a fashion shot. As the pose and facial expression doesn't give that vibe I decided to still edit it and use it more of a portrait. This shot just reminds of portraits shot for cast members for TV shows. Just the mood, pose, expression sells a character. By looking at this image it is selling the idea of a...

Trying Something New

This is my first post on here (just signed up) and wanted to get some feedback on a shot I did a few days ago. I've never been someone to use photoshop - in fact I haven't touched it in at least 5 years - and have only used Lightroom for post work. But I wanted to try something new and test myself, so I did just that.

This image is three...

Categoría Moda

Aquí debes subir tu fotografía concursante en la categoría de Moda, book o fotografía tipo Fashion, recuerda que todo el material será a blanco y negro, no debe llevar firma ni sello de agua, y debe estar en la máxima resolución de tu cámara.

First post

My first shot for this group. I have been moving away from Glam but can't say I dont miss it. I was not sure about this one as I tend to change the colors, lately I have been keeping more more natural ones. Any comments are welcome good or bad.

The golden hour

Hello Guys,

I am new to the group and this is my first ever post, I have been very inspired by Elia Locardi's work and since, have tried getting some landscape shots. I would greatly appreciate if you can provide your comments and insights on the shots.

1971 Duster

I went out with a friend and his 1971 Duster on Sat night. We managed to find an old mill that we ended up taking pics in front of.

Fetching image ...

Will this thing crank? [turns key]

I asked y'all to share a cool corporate event experience and all of one fantastic person posted! I noticed we have 24 members now, so let me try to share a new post and see if we can't jump-start a little more activity!

On a recent winter incentive trip, our guests were treated to an "Olympic Experience" at the Whistler Olympic Park (...

Basic test, Basic Technique, how do you like the results?

I have been testing out this basic technique. I put my speed light basically directly ontop of my lens as close as I can get it and still point it straight at my subject. I'm attempting to get my light as flat as possible. I know it's basic but it is also iconic. I would love to hear other photographers thoughts on how it turned out.

Road Trip Pic

I took this while on my road trip this year. I got to the Grand Canyon late in the evening just as the sun was getting ready to set.

Nikon D800. Nikon 24-70mm.

ISO 100 F/14

Pretty sure this was one of my HDR experiments lol.


I'm new to concert photography and so I would appreciate feedback on this shot. The colors were amazing, but I felt a black and white focused more on the subject, which is her passion for what she is singing.

Any feedback is welcome.