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The Boxer

Composite shoot. Started with a basic studio shoot , i positioned my lights for a generic composite set up, 2 long strip boxes left and right rear , added 1 blue colored light pointed towards the back drop and a beauty dish front and top center as my main light . I then pieced together my background adding bits and pieces. I also added the...

Newbie in Photography

Hey everybody
I am new to photography (I've started about 3 month ago). I am taking mostly sports photos because I am doing a lot of sports. I love the community from F-stoppers. There are so many awesome Pics. I am going to show you 3 Pics wich I have taken and I really would appreciate your Critics about my Photograph.. Sorry for my bad...

Sexy Silhouette Door Shoot

Here's a concept I tried with just a model and a door. Was able to setup my lights and backdrop to create a huge back lit softbox. I love how the light works great at setting the mood and showing the features of her body. The model Reina was great in posing, which allowed me to just focus on the captures.

Bixa, Mexican Restaurant

Hi, I been doing some food photography for 2 years now, and would like a critique about this set .

when I made these images , I had the idea of ​​showing a little about the restaurant atmosphere , in some images i made to versions one closer to the dish.

sorry about my english, and Thanks !

Critique my dessert shot


I shot this dessert recently at home, family where a bit inpatient but i managed to take a few frames before they where gone...:-)

It's Lemon fromage with raspberries.

Any critique is most welcome, also any guesses how this was lit is welcome as well!

All the best!

Looking to improve

Good day, everyone!

New to the community and looking for pointers and advice to further hone my skillset.

I went to an open house at a studio which had a massive window wall facing east. During the late morning/early afternoon I utilized the natural light and the shadows from the window frames in hopes of furthering the...

1953 Cadillac Le Mans convertible

This two seat Cadillac Le Mans convertible was built for the 1953 General Motors Autorama traveling auto show. It has a fiberglass body and is one of only four that were manufactured. This unique beauty is the only one that still exits in its original condition.