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Rocky Isles of Izu Japan (Feedback welcome)

Hello everyone,

I took this shot 2 days at the southernmost point of Izu peninsula in Japan. I feel like it's a good shot, but still lacking somewhere and I can't quite put my finger on it... Any feedback? The feedback on several of my previous posts was much appreciated. Thanks again.

Anchorage, AK Sunrise - CC warmly welcomed

Hello there fellow Fstoppers. I shot this a few weeks ago while I was passing through Anchorage. I had originally posted it to my website as a B&W to help bring out the contours of the foreground rocks and shoreline and how it echoes the same shapes of the mountains and their reflection in the water. Tonight, I've reprocessed the image in...

Alaskan trees CC

While on a business trip, I had a quick opportunity to take a few pics from the deck of my clients cabin. Sun was setting quick, so I thought I'd try to learn how to blend exposures (HDR) in Lightroom. This is from three exposures. Please advise on anything.

Light of a Full Moon

Hi guys

Went out to try to take advantage of the full moon and the light it creates. This is the result. Nothing speciel, I just wanted to share it with you guys :-)

CC / Feedback is of course always welcome.


New to this group

I love shooting macro. I photograph insects, flowers, spider webs - all things small. I don't have a dedicated macro lens; I use an old Minolta compact bellows for a film camera with my Minolta film lenses and an adapter ring to fit my Canon DSLR.
I have tried leaving several posts, but have not been able to. I tried to post more than one...

First try

Hello everybody!

First post here on Fstoppers.
I've been shooting for a little over a year, mostly travel and street photography, but lately my interest has began to shift to portrait and fashion photography. I've still got a long way to go with Photoshop though.
That said, here are a few shots of my very first two attempts...

I went out without agenda this morning.

Without a shot in mind, I just grabbed my bag and went for a wander. I had a great time! It reminded me of why I love photography! Anyway, This is a W.I.P. (I know it's still a bit messy but I'm tired!), any cc/thoughts before I spend much more time on it? Cheers all!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

First of all let me introduce you myself, I'm Ruslan, a new member on and I'm from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I'd love to meet here people like me and kindly invite you all to see, evaluate my works which I'll be uploading frequently.


Recent Shoot

Hey guys first post here. I had a short session with this girl and her friend the other day. I'd love some CC from some experienced eyes here to see where I can improve. Merry Christmas everyone!

Check out the Article

Hey guys check out the write up Nino did about my new series "When I Grow Up"! Would love to hear your thought!

Do not give up on photos easy!!

Was able to do some magical recovery on this image that would have otherwise been lost! Tip though; minimise shadow and highlight clipping while capturing raw data.
I used both lightroom and photoshop to bring life into it with just adjustments layers.

First Post on FS

I am relatively new to photography, less than a year. Just wanted to post a photo I enjoyed taking and ask what others thought. CC is welcome.