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HDR Panoramic Cityscape

This is my first shot at a Cityscape. Looking at Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn taken around 6:00 PM. Did 2 separate 5 shot HDR Images and stitched them together for the panoramic. CC is greatly appreciated.

Anne & Will

This was taken over the weekend in Midland TX. Shot with A77M2, 16-50mm f/2.8 @ f/4.5 1/100 ISO 100 Welcome CC. Thank you

[url=][img] by [url=]Perceptual Imagery[/url], on Flickr

T120R Bobber "Elvira" side view

this is a 1971 Bonneville T120R, it took lot of talent for metal manipulation and spent 2 and a half years to create this piece of art, more of 1500 hours of work went into the bike.
Elvira is a home-built project created with a clear love and passion for bikes.
it was a plesure to make this images.

Self portrait cc please.

I was really annoyed the other day because I couldn't get out to take photo's so I decided to do a self portrait (I was also hungover!). This is never intended to hit my portfolio, but I'd like some cc on it please as it's purely a practice piece. Thanks!

Sunset in Paradise

Hey! This is my first shot at a landscape photograph! I loved the idea of the couple sitting on the dock being silhouetted by the sky. Any feedback and/or comments would be great! Thanks in advance :)

Thornhill Winter CC Please

Here is a shot of fresh snowfall at our local arboretum (Morton Arboretum). I've been playing with this for a few weeks to let it settle in on me. The old estate was a bit dark in the original shot. I'm feeling the overall balance is about right. As always I am hoping for some comments / CC feedback.

Natural light

Hello everyone!

My name is Danny and I'm new to the group. I began photographing for about 2 years ago. I was mostly shooting landscapes in the beginning but more recently my interest has grown for portrait photography. I dont know any photographers and therefore I hope I can get some comments and maybe some advice from you guys. Thank...


Hello Everyone, I've been watching Fstoppers on YT for a while now, but still very new to this community. I'm looking for some CC and/or advice about shots I've taken over the last year. I'd also like to comment some of my own thoughts on others' photos. Please have a look at my photo of Lisa, and tell me what you think! It was a pretty windy...

CC please

Photo was taken this fall in a local park in the morning with natural light. Just looking for some feedback because I am always looking to improve my photography.

Some recent streetweat shots

Hi Guys,

I know its not exactly traditional fashion but I couldn't find a more fitting group and was hoping to get some feedback on a recent street wear shoot I've done.
These are actually all still frames I grabbed from film footage I shot of this model:


Swimming Photos

So this is my first post around these parts, and I was hoping to get some feedback/tips from the pros here. I'm a photographer for my school's swim team, and below I've picked a few I think are my best swimming shots so far. Do any of you have some experience with shooting swimming? Also: Any tips on photos of diving?
EDIT: So, turns out...

Hello, and CC would be much appretiated

Hello everyone! My name is Kevin, and I just recently added myself to this Landscape and Nature Photography Group. I have been adding some CC to some of the latest posts as a way of being part of the community and now I hope to get some CC as well.

This particular image was a snapshot taken on a Fuji x10. After uploading this image to...

What's coming at CES 2016?

Photo Rumors has posted a list of what big announcements we could expect at CES this year. Highlights include:

X-Pro2 from Fuji PEN-F camera from Olympus New Sony FE lenses X-U Type 113 underwater camera from Leica Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH from Leica D5 from Nikon

Remarkably absent from any serious rumors are Samsung and Canon....

Shadow Play

I like to play with light and shadows. I found this "discard" shot from a few months ago and decided to give it a fresh look. I'm a beginner, so harsh criticism needed (I want to grow). I would like to build a style based on the emotions of this type of image, but keep getting hung up doing boring portraits to make money.