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Cold Twilight Glow

Returning to this captivating spot along the Asturian coast was a long-awaited endeavor. The timing was almost right, with the tides aligning for a chance to get up close and personal with the colossal rock formation and its impressive twin holes during the sunset.

Though the receding tide didn't grant me full access to the desired vantage point, and the tranquil sea posed a challenge in capturing my preferred water textures, the allure of the location remained undeniable. I managed to freeze a moment in time as a wave nearly engulfed the prominent foreground rocks, showcasing the raw power of the ocean.

The light conditions may not have been ideal, and the sky wore a muted hue, but patience was my ally. As the day transitioned into the mystical blue hour, a cold and serene atmosphere descended upon the scene, adding a touch of ethereal charm to the already mesmerizing landscape.

While challenges may have tempered my vision, the essence of this coastal wonder remains untamed and resplendent. Every visit brings something new and a reminder of nature's awe-inspiring forces.

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