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Roaring Waves

From the amazing coast of Asturias, I bring you a new shot. My camera and I embarked on a game of perspectives, tirelessly seeking the new compositions.
On that grey day, the skies still blazed with colors as the waves danced on the horizon, breaking with their roar against the ancient rocks. It was at that moment that I found the composition I brought today.
At first, the horizontal arrangement didn't fully convince me. But with patience, I was able to shape the image you see before you. Every element fit harmoniously into this natural canvas: the waves in their effervescent dance, the unwavering rocks, the background monolith and the sky still casting its final light.
It's worth mentioning that this photograph was taken just half an hour before the one I posted last week from the same location, immersing us in two distinct yet equally magical moments.

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