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Twilight's Creased Cliffs

Yesterday, we embarked on an adventure along the breathtaking Mariña Lucense area, and our destination couldn't have been more perfect: the Acantilados de Papel, where we were treated to a stunning sunset.

I scouted a spot that allowed me to capture an interesting foreground, rich with textures, lights, and shadows, while providing a fresh perspective on the iconic funambulist rock.

There I stood, perched atop one of the tallest rocks, perhaps a bit closer to the cliff's edge than I'd have liked, eagerly awaiting the sun's descent to the horizon. As its rays gently filtered through, they created a mesmerizing sunstar. It was the final touch that brought my composition to life, adding that extra layer of magic.

Nature's artistry unfolded before my lens: the sun bid its farewell in the perfect spot, painting the sky with stunning hues, while the foreground boasted textures that left me in awe.

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