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How To Shoot Better Videos With Your DSLR 3 of 3
At this point we have discussed camera settings and audio gear. Now it is time for editing. If you shoot Canon or have a Mac this post really isn't for you. In this video I am talking directly to Nikon D300s users who will be editing with Adobe Premiere CS4. If you would like to learn quickly how to use Adobe Premiere CS4 then view the full post to see a list of helpful videos that we used to teach ourselves the software. UPDATE: EDIT NIKON VIDEOS IN FINAL CUT ADDED TO FULL POST.

Chris Benny Lights A Fire To Shoot A Dirt Bike
In this video Chris Benny shows us how he shot the cover for Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine. After you watch this professinoally edited video you should head over to his website at to view his unbelieveable automotive portfolio. View the full post to read a message directly from Chris about the shoot and to view the actual magazine cover with this image. If you like what you see then leave a comment below.

ADB Behind The Scenes from Chris Benny on Vimeo.

How To Shoot Better Videos With Your DSLR 2 of 3
So yesterday we talked about setting your camera to shoot video. Today we get a little more complicated. Let's chat about audio. Tomorrow we will take it one step further and discuss the most dreaded part of video... editing! If you have a Canon camera that shoots video, view the full post to check out a video on audio made just for you. We are slowly turning all of you photographers into videographers; you'll thank us later... or you could thank us now in the comment box below.

Do You Know Who Dave Hill Is? You Should
I have been following Dave Hill for years now and recently he was hired to shoot a picture series for the March issue of Digital SLR Photography Magazine. Dave has an amazing style to his photography; it almost looks like an illustration. Check out Dave's website here and check out snapshots from this shoot right out of the magazine on his blog here.

090417 Girl on an Adventure - Behind the Scenes from Dave Hill on Vimeo.

How To Shoot Better Videos With Your DSLR 1 of 3
3 months ago Patrick and I didn't have the slightest idea how to shoot or edit video but in seeing the importance and the power of this movement we decided to teach ourselves how. It was challenging and frustrating (especially with Nikon gear) but we finally learned enough to produce decent videos quickly. If you own a DSLR that shoots video we are going to make this simple for you. In the next 3 days we are going to release 3 videos that discuss: camera settings, audio, and editing. Today let's start with the camera settings on the D300s. View the full post to see a similar video for Canon cameras.

What Is Fstoppers?
Right now Fstoppers is a site with a lot of hits and little else. We need your help to make this something much bigger. We keep getting emails from people saying "we can't wait to see your next video" and that is great but honestly we are looking forward to seeing yours. We will do our best to make as many videos as we can but we need your submissions to make FS succeed. View the full post to read about the gear we used to get these moving shots.

We have a problem, we have become too popular

First of all, we want to thank everyone for their interest in our site. We launched Fstoppers 3 days ago. On day 1 we got 250 hits and I thought that was really good. On day 2 we got 4000 hits and I was blown away. Today we got 12,000 hits and I started to freak out. Why? Because we are running this site mostly through which actually costs money (it isn't free like Youtube). We like Vimeo more because it has a great community and the videos are higher quality and they stream better than Youtube but we can't keep this up. I thought that we got 25,000 hits per month, I was just...

Philips Carousel
This online film by director Adam Berg and Stink Digital ( took home the Cannes Lions 2009 Film Grand Prix, and boy did it deserve it! Developed to highlight Philips new 21:9 cinema proportion television, the film consists of one long tracking shot a la Goodfellas (albeit with more explosions and clowns). Check out the visual masterpiece and then the making-of videos below. Betcha can't watch just once...

Fstoppers Launches Today
In the past 3 months Patrick Hall and I (Lee Morris) have been working on this idea. As professional photographers we love watching other pros work. Everyone has their own technique and style and when a new behind the scenes video pops up on a blog or forum we are the first to watch it intently. We want to become the website that has interesting, and informative videos of professional still and video shoots. Searching through is great if you want to see talented artist's work but our goal is to show you HOW they created their work. If you are a creative professional we want you to be a part of Join our Vimeo group and submit us your behind the scenes videos and articles. We will help you promote your business by posting your work on our site and you will help all of us learn a little bit more about our field. If you would like to be a part of Fstoppers in any way please email us at

I Learn To Scuba/Fail At Underwater Photography
I spend most of my time in Charleston, SC and NYC. It was February and Charleston was uncomfortably cold and NYC was unbearably cold. I had some free time so I decided to fly down to Placencia Belize and learn to scuba dive. As a photographer I wanted to get some cool photography as well. The trip ended up being the most memorable trip of my life but I broke 2 of my 3 underwater cameras on the first day and I didn't get a single quality image under the water... Read more after the jump and watch the youtube version is you happen to be on your cell phone.

Make your SB-800 better in under 10 minutes
I actually made a video about this over a year ago when I had no clue how to use Premiere. I also didn't have and wireless mics so I edited the whole video in movie maker and everyone who saw it said they couldn't hear me over the music. So we decided to reshoot it with our fancy D300s cameras, Sennheiser Mics, and Adobe Premiere. Hopefully you can understand me now because I am not going to do this again. Youtube version after the jump.

The PC Sync Cord Needs To Die
Why am I using digital SLR cameras and wireless radio triggers that are at the forefront of technology but I am also forced to use the PC sync cord which has been out for over 60 years. It never works and I want it to die. If you are on an iPhone click this article to watch this video on Youtube.