Beautifully Shot Profile Video Of Wildlife Photographer Asgeir Helgestad

"It is not about getting as close as possible, but to capture the feeling of being there. I don't want to just look into their world, I want to be a part of it." Asgeir Helgestad is a photographer from Norway whose wildlife imagery seems to step inside the world of the animal. In this short video, Asegir explains why he chose this pursuit, and what he hopes to convey with his work. Worth the watch in HD and fullscreen.

Asegir suggests that to create meaningful wildlife images, you need to be almost an animal psychologist- understanding the animals, where they go, what they will do, and more.

This video is part of a video series by RED, called RED Collective, which documents the work of high end filmmakers and photographers. Definitely check some of these out if you haven't before.

Here is one of Asgeir Helgestad's video segments that show his work on Svalbard, an island region at about the halfway point between Norway and the North Pole:

You can see more of Asegir Helgestad's still and motion work at Artic Light.

[via adventure-journal]

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